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E-Commerce is We-Commerce: Join Us in Our E-volution!

As you’re probably aware, Velodyne has completely revamped its e-commerce capabilities to better serve you, our customers! Here are some exciting features of our new site:

The web site, which we launched a few weeks ago, will continue to evolve over the next few months. Keep a look out for great new e-commerce features and continually improving user-friendliness. We’re very excited about the web site’s potential, and we need you to help us achieve it—we’d love to hear your thoughts on our new site and what you’d like it to do for you! You can read our official press release on the main Velodyne site.

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EQ-Max 10 Wins the CEPro Best Subwoofer 2011 Award

CEDIA 2011 was a great show–especially for the Velodyne EQ-Max 10. Our new line of affordable subs with auto-EQ took home the CEPro Award for Best Subwoofer 2011.

EQ-Max 10 CEPro Award

Velodyne's EQ-Max 10 CEPro award for "Best Subwoofer 2011"


The wallet-friendly EQ-Max 10 inch subwoofer features auto-EQ for perfect equalization, a feature which has historically been reserved for our most premium products. We’re very excited that this exceptional line of subs is getting recognition!


Have you gotten your hands on a Velodyne EQ-Max?? Let us know in the comments!

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Velodyne To Exhibit at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2011

Be sure to check out the press release on our site detailing our plans for Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2011. We’re looking forward to showing off our EQ-Max and Digital Drive PLUS series!

Velodyne EQ-Max

Velodyne DD+ in Cherry Veneer

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5 Tips for Optimal Subwoofer Placement

So you bought a new subwoofer (or two). Congratulations! You probably spent a fair amount of time researching and comparing products to select the sub with the optimum performance within your budget. Whether you settled on a Velodyne or not, we want to make sure your hard work wasn’t wasted by helping you in the final step towards getting the best possible performance out of your subwoofer(s): optimal subwoofer placement. As some of our staff say (jokingly), the best place for your sub is wherever your significant other will let you put it. However, if you do have some flexibility, we’ll help you make the best of it!

With that in mind, here are some simple guidelines to follow that may help:

1. A Simple Chore–Stay Away from the Door As a general rule, avoid placing a subwoofer close to an opening in the room, such as a doorway or corridor.

2. Equidistance is the Wrong Distance Place the sub an unequal distance between any two walls for best performance.

3. You’ve Got the Power (right?) Make sure you have an AC outlet 110-117 volts and either line level RCA or speaker level wire that can run to the location where you are planning to place the sub.

4. No One Puts a Velodyne in the Corner Unless loudness is your top priority, we don’t recommend corner placement for the sub. Subwoofers placed in a corner will excite the room easier, making the sub more directional (i.e. you can tell where it is) and it will tend to emphasize the bass at certain frequencies. This may make the overall bass performance more boomy or muddy. Then again, if you want to impress your neighbors with your sub’s earth-shaking volume, the corner is the best place.

5. When In Doubt, Crawl If it turns out that you have multiple options for placement, one of the best ways to discriminate between them is The Crawl Test. Place the subwoofer in your La-Z-Boy (or wherever you’ll be listening from) and crawl around the room, either listening or measuring for the best sound. Wherever you are when the sub sounds best to you is where your subwoofer should go.

And voila! Perfect subwoofer placement. Also check out Velodyne’s instructional video series on subwoofer installation and set-up to hear this information and more in the words of our charming sales and engineering staff on Velodyne’s YouTube page.

Did this help? Let us know in the comments!

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Velodyne Impact-10 Subwoofer Review From Audioholics

Check out this Velodyne Impact 10 subwoofer review from Audioholics and let us know if you agree! Here’s what Andrew Gash of Audioholics has to say about one of our best-selling products:

  • Priced very reasonably (about the same as an iPod)
  • Response all the way down to 32 Hz
  • Stylish cabinet
  • According to their “knock test,” no flex to hurt the sound
  • Variable crossover
  • All in all, “highly recommended” in its price range
Feel free to visit our main site for more on the Velodyne Impact 10!
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Come back soon for a post about some highly dedicated Velodyne employees. Here’s a sneak preview:

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