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What Is Music? Exploring Two Sides.


For as long as I have been listening to music, I had always thought that it had a dedication to the listener…that it was an entity created purely for their entertainment. For those of us who only listen to music and don’t have the special talent to create or play it, music is an accessory…a mood. We treat each song as if it is an emotional accessory. When we talk about a song, how often do we really talk about its rhythm, what key it’s in or the meter? We spend much more time talking about how they make us feel or how our lives parallel with the lyrics that are in a song.

Even instrumental songs or compositions that don’t have words seem to always revolve around the way they make us feel and why we want to listen…what occasion we find ourselves in when we listen to them. We don’t listen to music so that we can solve or put together the equation that made it.

Until I actually entered into a music class this semester, I don’t think I had ever bothered to look at music from the composer or performers perspective. It made me think about the musicians and bands that Velodyne has had the exciting opportunity to work with. As music fans and junkies, we do have a few things in common with these talented people…we love to listen to our music with awesome Velodyne headphones. However, we are very different in the way that we perceive and experience music.

I had never realized that music is truly an equation; it combines mathematical elements (which are far beyond my skill set) and also the emotional constructs that will later become the highlight for listeners. The score to all music is deeply complex in its own way. Music needs transitions and the musicians/composers have to know what will sound good together. Their genius formulas that take such tedious effort can so easily become another soundtrack to our life. Have you ever just stopped to think about that? It’s amazing that one song can take on such different forms depending upon which role you play…How do you see music?


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Playlist Must Haves!


     In almost 14 years, the 21st century has seen its fair share of one hit wonders. You probably wouldn’t remember most of them, but there are some that I think definitely deserve a spot on your playlist! So go ahead, pull up a seat and join me as we take stroll down musical memory lane.

In 2000, Macy Gray released her album “Macy Gray on How Life Is,” and the biggest hit was undoubtedly “I Try.” While only 5 years old at the time, it’s a song that has been a staple in my memory and my playlist. Macy Gray has one of those uniquely deep voices that reaches the listener in this song. It’s a classical theme of pining away for a lover, but it’s very casual. I feel myself walking through a park in the city or looking out the window of a bus…what do you feel?

“Why Can’t I Breathe” which was beautifully recorded by Liz Phair is without a doubt the perfect female anthem when it comes to that butterfly feeling and infatuation. It’s almost a modern day Romeo and Juliet story.  Released in September of 2003, this song experienced its fame through features in the movies How To Deal, 13 Going On 30 and Win A Date With Tad Hamilton. I’d have to say my best memory of this song is in 13 Going On 30.

    Then there is Daniel Powter’s 2005 hit “Bad Day,” which was stuck in everyone’s head during my first middle school year. It’s the quintessential song about pulling it together once you’ve had a bad day. Now that’s a pretty timeless theme if you ask me. Even if we have trouble realizing it on our own at the moment, this song reminds us that a bad day doesn’t last forever. You get through it, and then tomorrow is a completely new beginning.

I have saved my personal favorite for last. In 2005, the band Augustana released their incredibly moving “Boston.” If the song alone doesn’t fully consume you, then you must do yourself a favor and watch the phenomenal music video as well.  Everything about this song is passionate and deep. I personally can’t understand why I never hear it on the radio anymore.  Definitely one of my all-time favorites by far!

Now that you’ve seen my favorite one hit wonders, what are some of yours? Or, maybe you like to keep your playlist modern…whichever it is, I’m sure you’ve got a great selection!  Tell us about some of you must haves!

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The Brave New Music World





How do you experience music? Where do you like to listen to music? Each piece makes up a little bit of your music medium.

If you open up my laptop or look at my phone, you’ll see things like Spotify, Pandora and iHeart Radio. Music has gone through so many changes, from live to radio, record players, cassettes, CDs, mp3 players and now even our phones play our music for us. There’s a musical medium for every person and every setting nowadays. Maybe you’re an old soul and you like to listen to that vintage record player you somehow ended up with…or you could be a bust college student on the go who keeps all of their favorite songs on their phone.

We used to have to stand in line for concert tickets so that we could experience that amazing sound. But we’re a busy world that can’t always fit a live show into our schedule. Just because you aren’t sitting two rows from the stage doesn’t mean that you’re going to have to sacrifice that live sound and convenience. There’s a world full of options! Install an awesome sound system for yourself, or grab your vFree headset and phone as you’re walking out the door, just like I do. There’s nothing better than having a productive day while experiencing the thrill and energy of your favorite music.

In this day and age, music has taken on a new, more expansive identity and my friends I hope you can keep up.

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Airport Entertainment

vQuietFor those of you who haven’t heard about Velodyne’s newest partnership, our headsets can now be found in a large number of major airports throughout the United States at Airport Wireless storefronts.
Maybe you forgot to bring along a quality, stylish listening device for your trip…No problem! Head over to an airport directory, find the Airport Wireless store and discover a range of choices including vPulse, vTrue, vFree and vQuiet- all with their unique Velodyne flare.

We all know airports and layovers can be terribly boring. I definitely do. Recently, I made the cross-country flight from California to Pittsburgh, PA where I go to school. However, I found myself a little bit of entertainment when I got there.

Pittsburgh is one of the airports that features the amazing “v” series products, so naturally, I wandered over to find them. Not only were they displayed with a great amount of class, but one of the employees said that the vQuiets were “awesome!”

Velodyne quality is undeniable and now, an abundance of travelers can experience it for themselves! Next time you find yourself in an airport, find an Airport Wireless store, see what the employees have to say and try out a little bit of Velodyne3 ingenuity for yourself.

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Express Yourself – Headphone Style

48982592Clothes, purses and hairstyles are no longer just about covering up or carrying things, they’re about self expression. When we shop, we look for things that scream “this is me!” Personally, I think that our electronics should do the same…especially our headphones.

When we consider that the music we listen to says something about us, doesn’t it seem natural that our listening devices should do the same? Personally, I’m a huge fan of pink and that means I just had to have the pink vPulse ear buds. Don’t worry, if blue or black is more your color you can get those instead!  There’s just something about listening to my music with them that makes me feel vibrant. I look down and see that bright pink and I feel like it says something about me…captures my sense of humor and my playfulness.

Then there are the vFree headsets that you can decorate too! If you haven’t already guessed, I’d be drawn to the pink “Skins” for that too. There are numerous “Skin” patterns to help put a little of yourself into your headphones, check them out on our website!

And, if you’re artistic (unlike me) and a DIY fanatic, you can do what some of our awesome Instagram followers have done. They use permanent marker, paints and stencils to give their Velodyne products a custom and personal touch. Wouldn’t it be fun to get a group of your friends together and have a headphone decorating party?!

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