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About Mamadyne

Hi, my name is Mamadyne and I'm excited to be a part of the Velodyne team, writing about my relationship to music as a new mom. I love yoga, a good book, and rapping to Snoop Dogg when no one's listening. My three-month-old son prefers Raffi to Busta Rymes, which I think is a fair choice for a little guy who poops his pants.
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Finish Ticket Interview Following Sold Out Show


Velodyne spent some time with Gabe Stein, drummer of Finish Ticket after their sold-out performance sponsored by Velodyne, Inc. at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco on Friday night. The band powered out an energetic performance to 600 adoring fans, their biggest headlining show yet. But not without first announcing the winner of our band merch pack complete with a pair of black vFree headphones, autographed by the band.

Velodyne: If you could say one word to describe the concert what would it be?

Gabe: Unreal.  As we were all driving back, we all decided it felt almost like a dream.

Velodyne: What was your favorite moment?

Gabe: Looking out and seeing my entire extended family—my uncles, aunts, parents, my band mates parents were all out there.  I also saw some old friends in the front row I didn’t know would be able to make it.

Velodyne: What were your most challenging moments? 

Gabe: Getting ready for it.  We spent obviously weeks and weeks preparing, getting ourselves ready.  We had a lot of preparation in addition to the music, like creating our own light boxes that said Finish Ticket.  It was stressful.  We found out it was sold out 18 minutes before we went on and that made everything okay.

Velodyne: What did you think about on stage? 

Gabe: Growing up I would play drums every day in my garage, thinking ‘maybe one day I’ll actually get to play for a few people.’  Getting to actually do that was always my ultimate goal.

Velodyne: How did you feel on stage?

Gabe: At first I was a little bit anxious, waiting to play.  The second we got on stage it was just like practice.  And it was like finally, finally here!

Velodyne: f you were a type of animal on stage, what would it be? 

Gabe: I would say a driving horse.  I learned at a young age the drummer is supposed to help keep the band together, keep everything moving, control the pace.  So I would say a horse, but in a cool way!

Velodyne: If you could take home only one photo from the concert, what would it be of? 

Gabe: Before our encore we all stopped playing and then the second we came back in the strobe lights went crazy.  I couldn’t really see anything or hear anything besides my drum set.

Velodyne: Any final thoughts?

Gabe: We’re just so thankful everyone came out to support us!


–Frankly, it was our pleasure.

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EQ-Max 10 - Just one of the EQ Max Products on Sale

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Velodyne’s EQ-Max goes on sale, offering perfect equalization for an affordable price. Have you always wanted a high-end subwoofer but didn’t think it was within your reach? Think AGAIN!

Velodyne’s EQ-Max 10, which took home the CEPro Award for Best Subwoofer 2011, is now on sale for $449.77. The subwoofer features auto-EQ for perfect equalization, a feature which has historically been reserved for Velodyne’s most premium products. Sing along with us as we celebrate this unprecedented offer! Now’s your chance, don’t miss out!

Imagine there’s no reason,
For perfect sound if you try,
No discordant beats,
Only harmony for you and I.
Imagine all the music lovers,
Singing for today…

Imagine you own a Velodyne EQ-Max,
It isn’t hard to do,
Because for a limited time it is only $449.77,
Which means you can afford it too.
Imagine all the music lovers,
Dancing for today…

You may say I’m an audiophile,
But I’m not the only one,
So I hope you take advantage of the EQ-Max sale,
And the world can listen as one.

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Take you a-ridin in my car

Woody Guthrie’s 100th birthday would have been a few weeks ago.  This would-be event was momentous enough for NPR to have a special feature on his life and music – At 100, Woodie Guthrie Still Resonates.  The singer and songwriter grew up in Oklahoma and was forced out during the Dust Bowl, along with thousands of other displaced Americans. He worked on a farm in California before recording music at the beginning of WWII. He wrote “This Land Is Your Land” among thousands of other songs. In 1943, the folk singer was hailed by The New York Times as a national treasure — “part of the best stuff this country has to show the world.”

NPR’s story was interesting enough for me to search for Guthrie’s music on Pandora, and having a six-month-old I naturally opted for the result that said “children’s” next his name. Within seconds I was caught somewhere in between Santa Barbara and the Great Depression, an illogical time between ipods and old-timey record players, LIDAR-guided autonomous cars and cars that you start with a crank.

As I listened to the first song Pandora threw at me, a tune about Guthrie’s sweet ride, I realized that although horns don’t sound like “a-wooga” anymore, music and cars is a timeless combination.

Luckily for me, Babydyne loves them both. The little guy hasn’t figured out what kind of creature our cat is yet, but he can certainly tell a good road trip song.  We hope that he will someday outgrow his insistent preference for “Wheels on the Bus,” but for now I humor him.  It’s a fair trade to see his face light up and his eyes sparkle as he waits for me to do the “whooshing wipers.”

We really tested this magic of babies and cars and music last week.  We were headed home from our first weekend of camping with Babydyne. It had been a 5 hour car ride and we were less than thirty miles away. I was daydreaming about my bed and a warm shower when all of a sudden we hit bumper to bumper traffic and Babydyne suddenly needed a diaper change. What song would you choose in a moment like that? I can’t say I remember which tunes brought us home that day. But Woody Guthrie would have been a good choice.

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Raising Lil’ Bow Wow: hiding my taste in music from my child

The little guy's first ultrasound at 16 weeks.

As soon as I got pregnant, I had to rethink many things in my life, including one of my most prized possessions – the small case of CDs mixes I had made in high school during the glorious days when Napster was alive. With the help of free downloads, every Friday night my friends and I would cruise down the streets of downtown suburbia belting out the lyrics to a new music mix blasting from our car speakers. But here’s where it gets weird – on our way to Uptown Yogurt, we enjoyed exposing our quiet neighborhood to the nastiest songs we could find – classics like Freaks of the Industry by Digital Underground and Give me that Nut by Easy E. Looking back, I realize how inappropriate this was. But we were otherwise such good girls, which is probably why we found this activity so hilarious and thrilling.

Fast forward ten years and I still know every lyric to Snoop Dogg’s Aint No Fun and still find great enjoyment in singing along to them – windows rolled up of course so I don’t overwhelm unsuspecting shoppers in the Trader Joe’s parking lot with references to Snoop Dogg’s balls. Maybe it sounds odd or even perverted. But my love affair with these songs isn’t really about the dirty words, it’s about reliving a carefree time when outings meant frozen yogurt not the grocery store, extra sprinkles not responsibilities. Speaking of which….I was now becoming a mother, which I had heard was the biggest responsibility of all. What did this mean for myself, my husband, and most importantly, my mix CDs?

I turned to for some answers, which had been sending me vital information about my pregnancy like when my baby was developing fingernails or had reached the size of a kumquat. I found an article called Music and your unborn child, and while there wasn’t much talk about the musings of Snoop Dogg, one obstetrician said he “observed a 33-week-old fetus pattern his breathing to the beat of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony.” Well, perhaps I needed to get my sh*t together then! With a protective hand over my pregnant belly, I changed my Pandora radio station from Two Pac to Beethoven and read on.

“You may have heard that exposure to music makes kids of all ages smarter in math, but Gordon Shaw [a neuroscientist at the University of California at Irvine], who pioneered this type of research, says these studies focused on older children, not fetuses. “ Janet DiPietro, a developmental psychologist who studies fetal development at Johns Hopkins University adds, “There are no studies on the effects of stimulation before birth on intelligence, creativity, or later development.” The article cautioned against wearing headphones around your pregnant belly (those new mamas sure get creative!) because amniotic fluid is a good sound conductor. Luckily, I hadn’t thought of putting my vPulse anywhere besides my ears.

So I kept the classical station going for a couple of hours – feeling smart – but when Sunday rolled around and it was grocery time, I knew this was going to be the real test. Sure enough, the instant I was back in my car and stopped at a red light, my fingers itched for my CD case – craving to feel those inappropriate lyrics and heavy beats flowing through my body.  I thought, When do I kill this habit in order to hide from my child truths about the world and about myself? I took a deep breath – pregnancy could be so exhausting sometimes. Feeling my tension rise, I gave up and slid in a tattered disk titled “Rap Mix!” I turned up the volume (not too loud) and let myself be me. If the little one was bobbing his head to the Notorious B.I.G, I decided, for now, let him jam. 

Here's my son at 20 weeks, rocking out.

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