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Caring For Your Headphones


For those of us who enjoy listening our music when we are out and on the go having a pair of working headphones is very important. I myself have been frustrated on more than one occasion when I was about to plug in and listen to my favorite tunes only to discover that my headphones did work after I had treated them poorly for a while. When I got my first pair of headphones from Velodyne, I instantly loved them because of the sound quality so I decided it was time to learn some good headphones care techniques to ensure that they lasted. So here is some advice for those of you looking to protect your investment.

            The first piece of advice that I would like to give you is that when you buy a pair of headphones keep the receipt. Velodyne headphones all come with a standard 1-year manufacturer warranty as long as they are purchased directly through Velodyne or through and authorized dealer. In order to be covered under the warranty you will need the receipt to prove purchase. The next piece of advice that I have for you is to keep your headphones in the case or carrying pouch when you are not using them. This is especially good advice for the vPulse since they come with a hard carrying case. By keeping them in this case when they are not in use you are preventing them from possibly getting wet. You are also preventing pressure from being put on them. Believe it or not small amounts of pressure will damage your headphones over time.  Keeping them in the carrying case or pouch will also help prevent the wires from becoming tangled which brings me to my next piece of advice. Don’t let the cord tangle. Tangling causes knots which can pinch the small wires inside and cause them to break. When the wires inside the cord break this causes the all too common problem of one of the earpieces going out which I am sure many of us have experienced in the past. Whenever you are done using your headphones wrap the cord up nicely as to prevent the wires from becoming knotted up. Wrap the cord gently around your headphones not tightly as wrapping the cord too tightly is hard on the wires. Avoid sharp or sudden pulls on the cord. Pulling on the cord will cause the wires to separate from the ear bud over time rendering them useless. Doing these things should help to protect your headphones and keep them working for a long time to come.

Black and Silver vFree

Black and Silver vFree

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