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earworms picture postHave you ever heard a song on the radio only to find that it is stuck in your head and is driving you nuts? This phenomenon is known as an earworm and almost all of us have fallen victim to it at one time or another. Researchers have discovered that some songs are more likely to get stuck in our head than others. One theory as to why we get earworms is that our brain simply likes to occupy itself during idle periods. In other words our brains simply don’t like to be bored. They have also discovered that we are more vulnerable to earworms when we are stressed or tired. Researchers have also found that we do not just get songs that are really annoying stuck in our head. In fact, many of the songs that get stuck in our head are songs that we like. Still what exactly causes this phenomenon remains somewhat of a mystery.

            Knowing that earworms are experienced by pretty much everyone at one point in time or another, I thought that I would give some tips on how to get rid of these irritating occurrences. Although there is no guaranteed method that can get rid of earworms, there are many tricks which you can try. One of them is to simply pop in your headphones and listen to or try to sing another song. This can help your brain to concentrate on another song and consequently forget about the one that is repeating endlessly in your head. Another trick that I have heard is to listen to the song all the way through. This may or may not work for you. I have tried this one in the past and have had limited success but that is not to say it won’t work for you. The last tip that I can give you is to do something that keeps you busy or distracts you from the song stuck in your head. This could mean watching television, exercising, doing a crossword puzzle, or anything really that makes your mind focus on anything but the earworm. The basic idea is to preoccupy your brain with something so that it will forget about the broken record in your head. I am sure there are tons of other possible methods that do not guarantee success,  so you will just have to experiment around and find the method that works for you. The overall idea is to do something that distracts you from the song that you are thinking about.What other ways have you tried to cure an earworm? What songs are most likely to get stuck in your head?

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