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Garage Band: A Classic App

If you’ve ever owned a Mac, then you’ve probably used, or at least heard of, the application known as GarageBand. It’s there, on every single Apple computer, for your use. On a rainy day, when there’s nothing for children to do, they plop themselves down in front of the computer and discover that they can make music—without any instruments or equipment. They just have to use GarageBand. It provides hours of entertainment for the kids, and hours of relief for the parents. Not that adults don’t enjoy using the application too.

GarageBand has moved from being an application solely found on the Apple computers to an app for the iPhone and the iPad as well. It is a very popular app, if truth be told. Often ridiculed for the tunes produced, the application is quite practical. When my brother was a young boy, he would spend hours on GarageBand, combining sounds and instruments, recording his voice, and even playing his clarinet. He produced an album, albeit an extremely amateur album, but he was very proud of his work. And it did sound good! I have become well acquainted with the application through my brother’s enthusiasm, and so recognize various sound sequences that come pre-made in the app. Because of this, I have recognized music produced on GarageBand featured in local commercials aired at the movie theater. It’s very practical. If you have even the slightest ear for music, it is not difficult to make a simple and short tune for musical accompaniment. It won’t cost any money, and you won’t have to deal with any copyright issues. That makes it perfect for companies that are just starting up and are on a tight budget. Music certainly aids in the advertisement of a product, and GarageBand can provide that music.

It really is amazing what you can produce using GarageBand. Here is a great example of GarageBand-produced music in action:

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