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Homemade Record Player

Some people have an amazing surplus of imagination and ingenuity concerning science, technology and gadgets. These people often become engineers or inventors, like our very own CEO and Founder David Hall. But sometimes their passion lies in some other field, and that techie ingenuity is suppressed. At some point, it comes bursting up to the forefront when some technical problem needs solving, or when that person comes across a really cool record and doesn’t have a record player (or the money for one). When that happens, the person comes up with a brilliant idea for a homemade record player. In this case, that person is Livia Ritthaler.

Ritthaler’s record player is made of a piece of rolled paper, a few pieces of metal, and a wooden board. The only downside is that it runs only by hand, not by electricity, so you have to crank it yourself. But for the relative ease and minimal expense with which the record player is created, having to crank it by hand is not too much to ask. The key is to turn the record at a constant rate.

It works just like any “traditional” record player. The sound is comparable, as long as you have a steady hand. And it’s a whole heck of a lot cheaper. When it costs less than a dollar to make this record player, what’s not to like?

Of course, this record player is wonderful as a novelty, but if you really want to hear some great, all-encompassing sound, the best thing is good speakers and one of Velodyne’s quality subwoofers. For travelling? The vPulse headphones. But at home with some vinyl you found? The homemade phonograph is without a doubt the perfect thing for the job.

Check out this video of her minimalist gramaphone, amazing!

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