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Maroon 5 – “One More Night”


On June 25, 2012, Maroon 5 released its latest music video. Frontman Adam Levine stars in the video, portraying a boxer with a seemingly happy family life. But discontent lurks beneath the surface, as hinted at early on in the video by Minka Kelly’s, the protagonist’s girlfriend’s troubled frown. Scenes of Levine, Kelly, and their baby daughter contrasts cuts of Levine’s hands being wrapped and training in a boxing ring.

When Levine leaves for a boxing match, Kelly starts packing her bags. Cheers erupt as she packs, and Levine wins the fight. But when he returns home, triumphant, he finds her gone. When she left, she took not only herself but their child as well. All that remains for him are trifles,  trophies and pictures, a jump rope and a single goldfish.

All his training and hard work paid off in his career; he became the boxer he wanted to be. But he lost everything he loved, all that he held dear. The video ends with a sorry picture, of a lonely man in an empty apartment, a solitary goldfish in a fishbowl.

“One More Night” may be a metaphor for Levine’s own life. Celebrities often have a very hard time balancing their professional lives with their personal lives. Usually they neglect one in favor of the other. This can be their undoing.

The song “One More Night” and its music video pose difficult questions, ones that celebrities are reluctant to ponder. Is fame and fortune worth giving up your personal life? Can there be a balance between professional and personal lives? With Levine left sitting alone in a sad, empty house, the band’s answer is sorrowfully clear.


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