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Music ADHD: Hail to the CD

Remember those days when you popped in a CD and listened to it from start to finish? You didn’t play one song, then put in a new CD, play another song, and so forth. But that’s become practical with the advent of mp3 players. Now, if you play more than two songs by the same artist in a row, or even in the same hour, someone gets bored and wants to listen to something else. We no longer hear an entire album. There are some drastic consequences of this music ADHD.

Because you only listen to songs by an artist one at a time, you only hear the most popular songs, your favorites. But you know those songs that you didn’t like the first time you heard them, and then after a while they grew on you? You can’t get those anymore. Either you don’t listen to them anymore, or you never hear them in the first place, because you can buy individual songs now, rather than albums. And the album covers? Miss them?

Don’t get me wrong, iPods are great. They’re small, portable, and store a whole heck of lot of music. They’re terribly convenient. But they have their drawbacks too. I miss hearing Smash Mouth’s song “Waste” because “All Star” has already been played. It’s actually a very good song. But I’ll bet you haven’t heard “Waste” before. And who hasn’t heard “All Star”? Come on, we’ve all seen Shrek. If you think about it, how many songs do you like that aren’t exactly mainstream? How many wonderful songs would you have not come across if you didn’t buy the entire album?

I guess what I’m saying is to slow down, listen to an entire album for a change, buy the entire album rather than a few songs. You never know, you might discover a beautiful song that you otherwise would have overlooked.

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