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Fourth of July Fireworks

We’ve all seen them. They’re absolutely amazing. They’re beautiful, loud, and brilliant. But do you know what makes the colors so vibrant? The answer: various metals and compounds. It’s amazing, really. The colors created by these metals are so vibrant and alive, they’re mesmerizing. To produce red, the most intense color can be created using […]

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From The Line Show to the Nightclub: Velodyne in NYC

Velodyne made our debut at the CEA Line show this year. For two days, June 27-28, 2012 we had a booth at the Metropolitan Pavillion in New York City. Everyone’s question for us seemed to be, “What’s new here?” Well, we did have a few new things to share with the world! We shared two […]

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The Loudness War

Once in a while, my brother drives the car. And when he’s alone, he turns the music up. Really, really, really loud. So when I got in a few days ago and turned the car on, I was greeted by an almost palpable blast of sound. Needless to say, I jumped out of my skin. […]

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Slow It Down

It sounds ethereal, like a chorus of underwater voices, singing of their sorrows. It is beautiful, melodic, and, unbelievably, Justin Bieber. Yes, I know. Justin Bieber does not have the ability to sound like that. But he can. With help, of course. Bieber’s haunting tones are the products of the phenomenon called 800% Slower. It’s […]

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Peter Gabriel’s Back to Front: So Live Tour

Beginning in September, world-renowned musician Peter Gabriel will be touring North America for the 25th anniversary of his groundbreaking, iconic album So. Called the Back to Front Tour, Gabriel will begin in Canada, continue on to the East Coast, then the West Coast. Some tour dates are as follows: 2 October HP Pavilion, San Jose, […]

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What should be done about illegal music downloading?

Recently, David Lowery of The Trichordist penned a thoughtful, impassioned and well-reasoned response to NPR’s All Things Considered intern Emily White, who stated on her employer’s blog that she engaged in illegal downloading and filesharing. Lowery laid out the anti-torrenting argument as well as I’ve seen anyone do it, highlighting its negative impact on the […]

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Enter for a Chance to Win 2 Tickets to our Exclusive Party in NYC!

    If you are in or near the NYC area, you and a friend could win tickets to one of the hottest parties of 2012. Velodyne Acoustics will be presenting a night of “Real Music Pure Sound” at The Avenue in NYC on June 28th, 2012. We will be featuring The Magnificent DJ Jazzy Jeff […]

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Defining the Doppler Effect

Have you ever noticed the way sound changes as it passes by you? The sound of a car horn as the car drives past? Notice how the pitch changes? This is what is known as the Doppler Effect. The frequency of the sound waves determines the pitch. Sound travels at a constant velocity of 340.29 […]

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Win A Velodyne “Real Music – Pure Sound” T-Shirt!

    Here at Velodyne we always have creative ideas brewing. Check out our latest and greatest t-shirt design. This is a comfortable, high-quality, American Apparel cotton t-shirt with our iconic Velodyne logo on the front. On the back, we feature our unique soundwave design.  Comes in black only and size S, M, L and XL. You […]

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