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EQ-Max 15 Review from Audioholics

Andrew Gash from Audioholics takes a look at the EQ-Max 15. Find out why he thinks this sub is “kind of like Lady Gaga”!  

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12 Days of Velodyne, Day 12: DS 10 subwoofer on sale until 11:59 pm PST!

We’re thrilled to finish out our 12 Days of Velodyne event with the DS-10, a high-impact powered subwoofer with outstanding precision and depth. This sub has a 3000 watt dynamic amplifier, output as low as 18 Hz at 3dB down, and adjustable polarity and phase. Until 11:59 pm PST, you can add this sub to your […]

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12 Days of Velodyne, Day 11: Photon 10 on sale now!

The Photon 10 is our deal of the day, and at [$](until 11:59 pm PST) this 10″ sub will rock your system at an incredible value. Class D digital amplifiers, energy recycling circuitry, and Kevlar-reinforced resin cones take this sub to the next level. The 12 Days of Velodyne are coming to a close, so […]

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12 Days of Velodyne, Day 10: DEQ-10R [%] off today only!

Today’s Day 10 deal is a ten-inch sub: the DEQ-10R for just [$] until 11:59 pm PST! The DEQ-10R features built-in goodies like Auto-EQ, which customizes the sub’s output to fit your listening space perfectly. For further sound customization, the remote  lets you easily choose from four listening presets. The 390 Watt dynamic amplifier reaches […]

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12 Days of Velodyne, Day 9: Optimum 8 [%] off!

Until 11:59 pm PST, the Optimum 8 in high-gloss black or cherry is available for just [$], a [$] savings! This premium subwoofer is compact, powerful and visually appealing, making it the perfect addition to your listening space. It has low distortion bass from 26 Hz–135 Hz at 3dB down and a 2400 Watt amplifier. The […]

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12 Days of Velodyne, Day 7: The Photon 8 inch Subwoofer on Sale!

The compact Photon 8 subwoofer is ideally suited for maximum listening pleasure and is currently on sale! This 8″ woofer has a 2000 Watt Class D amplifier, which gives you great sounding bass from 26 Hz–120 Hz at 3dB down. Place this small subwoofer in any room and amplify the sound of your home theater […]

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12 Days of Velodyne, Day 6: The Starfire 10 inch Subwoofer on Sale!

The fantastic item on sale today is the powerful Starfire 10-  a stylish, affordable subwoofer that delivers deep, powerful, and accurate bass. Whether you are looking for a an intense home theater experience or an exceptional bass that adds quality to your music, the Starfire-10 produces bass that you can really feel at a price […]

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12 Days of Velodyne, Day 5: Optimum 10 on sale!

Today’s daily deal, the Optimum 10, is available for just [$] (usually [$]) until 11:59 PST! This subwoofer comes equipped with plenty of features to optimize the bass output depending on your listening area, such as Auto-EQ and DSP control. Did we mention it’s also beautiful? The rich black or cherry wood veneer will make […]

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12 Days of Velodyne, Day 4: DEQ-8R on sale for [$]!

If you’ve had your eye on the DEQ-8R, today’s the day to bring it home. Until 11:59 PST tonight, the DEQ-8R is available for [%] off. If you’ve already taken advantage of our 12 Days of Velodyne event, let us know in the comments!   Admin note: This promotion is no longer in effect. Please […]

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