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Playlist Must Haves!


     In almost 14 years, the 21st century has seen its fair share of one hit wonders. You probably wouldn’t remember most of them, but there are some that I think definitely deserve a spot on your playlist! So go ahead, pull up a seat and join me as we take stroll down musical memory lane.

In 2000, Macy Gray released her album “Macy Gray on How Life Is,” and the biggest hit was undoubtedly “I Try.” While only 5 years old at the time, it’s a song that has been a staple in my memory and my playlist. Macy Gray has one of those uniquely deep voices that reaches the listener in this song. It’s a classical theme of pining away for a lover, but it’s very casual. I feel myself walking through a park in the city or looking out the window of a bus…what do you feel?

“Why Can’t I Breathe” which was beautifully recorded by Liz Phair is without a doubt the perfect female anthem when it comes to that butterfly feeling and infatuation. It’s almost a modern day Romeo and Juliet story.  Released in September of 2003, this song experienced its fame through features in the movies How To Deal, 13 Going On 30 and Win A Date With Tad Hamilton. I’d have to say my best memory of this song is in 13 Going On 30.

    Then there is Daniel Powter’s 2005 hit “Bad Day,” which was stuck in everyone’s head during my first middle school year. It’s the quintessential song about pulling it together once you’ve had a bad day. Now that’s a pretty timeless theme if you ask me. Even if we have trouble realizing it on our own at the moment, this song reminds us that a bad day doesn’t last forever. You get through it, and then tomorrow is a completely new beginning.

I have saved my personal favorite for last. In 2005, the band Augustana released their incredibly moving “Boston.” If the song alone doesn’t fully consume you, then you must do yourself a favor and watch the phenomenal music video as well.  Everything about this song is passionate and deep. I personally can’t understand why I never hear it on the radio anymore.  Definitely one of my all-time favorites by far!

Now that you’ve seen my favorite one hit wonders, what are some of yours? Or, maybe you like to keep your playlist modern…whichever it is, I’m sure you’ve got a great selection!  Tell us about some of you must haves!

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