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Reasons You Need A Pair Of Bluetooth Headphones

Black and Silver vFree

Black and Silver vFree

Nearly all of us own a cheap and practically disposable pair of headphones that we likely received with the purchase of an iPod, iPhone or other listening device. Due to the popularity of mobile devices like smartphones and mp3 players, the demand for headphones has increased dramatically. Headphones come in all sorts of styles, brands and price levels to meet consumers appettite for them. This has raised one important question. Are expensive headphones worth the money? The short answer to this question is, yes they are and in this post I will explain why sound quality is important and how the vFree and vBold meet this need.

 Sound quality is of utmost importance to many people. Musicians spend numerous hours in recording studios tailoring their music to be heard just the way that they want us to hear it. In order for us to hear all of the different instruments and frequency ranges that there are in different songs we must have high quality speakers that can accurately reproduce the sounds that these musicians create for us. Without well-built speakers we will not hear music the way that artists intended for us to. The sound quality of the vFree and vBold is excellent. As you would expect from a subwoofer company, these headphones deliver the excellent bass that many music lovers seek without compromising the mid and high ranges. The first time I listened to a pair of the vFree headphones I was very surprised at how crisp and clear the audio was. Producing clean and true bass as well as a good mids and highs make sound quality a big strength of both these headphones. This makes them both a big winner in the audio quality department.

Another reason that I believe that they are worth the investment is because they are comfortable to wear. Nobody likes to wear uncomfortable headphones. I remember the first time that I saw the vFree headphones and I felt the pads on them. I was immediately pleased at how soft the padding was, not to mention how light they are, making them almost un-noticeable when you wear them. Put these two things together and you have a very enjoyable pair of headphones. 

Bluetooth capability is the final reason that I love both of these headphones. The ability to go wireless is awesome. You can roam around your house without the limitation of a cord. You can also listen to music on the go without having an irritating cord tangling from you headset down to your pocket that can get caught on something. Both of these headphones have microphones built into them so you will also still be able to answer calls while using the Bluetooth capability. The thing that surprised me the most about the Bluetooth feature was that the sound quality was not noticeably inhibited when streaming music wirelessly. My biggest concern about using Bluetooth to stream music was that the audio quality would suffer. However, after listening to a pair of vFree using the Bluetooth feature I was very surprised to find out that they still sounded wonderful even while streaming music. In fact, the only difference that I noticed between cordless and wired use was the strength in the volume; you get a little bit more volume when the headphones are wired but that is about it. Velodyne’s Bluetooth vFree and vBold have proven to be quite a “sound” investment.

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Born and raised in Silicon Valley, I am a student at San Jose State and Marketing intern at Velodyne Acoustics. I am an avid San Jose Sharks and San Francisco 49ers fan. When I'm not watching sports, I'm listening to music and thinking deep thoughts about sound.

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