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B.o.B. – “Both of Us” featuring Taylor Swift

What with the vast majority of pop songs being what they are, about glamour and other trivial things, B.o.B. and Taylor Swift’s “Both of Us” is a breath of fresh air. It deals with the effects of the economic recession that is plaguing our country.

The music video, released June 27, 2012, was shot in Nashville, Tennessee. But rather than depicting the honky-tonks or other popular celebrity haunts, B.o.B. and Swift insert themselves into the adversity afflicting the grittier neighborhoods of Nashville. The lyrics center on this adversity, but rather than bemoaning the plight of the people, they stress the importance of the little things in life.

The video begins with B.o.B. in a small house and Taylor Swift in a pool hall. Shots of mobile homes, regular people, children playing, and many other everyday things permeate the video. B.o.B. and Swift tell us with their words to enjoy life, make the most of the opportunities presented to you, and make your own opportunities. They tell us that we’re not alone, we can get out of these hard times, but also that even in the midst of adversity, there can be great things. The audience is left observing B.o.B. and Taylor Swift living their lives as regular people in rural Tennessee.

Enjoy the video on the MTV website:


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