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Music and Daily Life


Music is no doubt an important part of our daily lives. We hear it in on the radio in our cars on our way to work and school. We listen it on our headphones when we are jogging and walking.  We hear it being played at professional sporting events when we go to see our favorite team play. We even go to concerts just to listen to our favorite artists play their best songs.

Now you might be wondering why music is so important to us.  There really is not clear cut exact answer to this tough question. However, if we examine what music does to our state of mind when we are listening to it then this provides is with some clues. Music has a profound effect on our psyche.  We have all experienced this deep effect that music can have on our state of mind. Music can pump us up and calm us down. It can make us happy or even sad depending on what the song is about and the context in which it is being played. It’s no wonder so many people listen to music when they are exercising.  The right song pumps us up and makes us want to push ourselves harder. This is obviously very helpful.  Now not only can music pump us up but it can calm us down as well.  Whether or not the music that we are listening to is going to hype us up or relax us depends heavily on what genre of music it is, the speed or beats per minute of the song, and how loud the volume is turned up. This all probably comes as no surprise to us as the majority of us have experienced how a loud rock and roll song can hype us up while we are running or how a soft classical song can put us to sleep.  The point is that music has a deep effect on our minds and this can be a very useful tool.

When we are tired in the morning before a long day at work or school we can try listening to something that is upbeat and happy as this will wake us up and get us into the right state of mind for that time of the day.  On the other hand, after a long day has passed and we are on our way home work of school we can try listening to some calm or soft music to help us relax and unwind after a tough day. It’s not hard to see how useful of a tool this can be for many of us.

Music is obviously an interesting phenomenon in human life. If you are wondering who invented music and when you maybe surprised to learn that it was never really invented. Music has actually been around since before recorded history began so we can only speculate as to where originated from.  It has been around as long as humans have been around and it has evolved over time just as humans have evolved over time.  As time continues to go on we can only wonder how music will change with it, but we can probably safely assume that music will continue to be a deep part of human life for a long time to come.

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