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Hearing ‘That Voice Again’ – Peter Gabriel’s Back To Front

A few months ago, I wrote an article about Peter Gabriel’s Back to Front tour and the 25th anniversary of his groundbreaking album So. On October 6, Gabriel performed at the Hollywood Bowl, where I sat in section L2, completely dumbstruck. At 62 years of age, he’s still got it. Not quite like he had it when he was in his 20s, 30s, and even 40s, but rather in a more subdued manner. Maybe he wasn’t rolling around the stage in a hamster ball, or prancing about the stage as a flower, but he was skipping, running around, and even dancing, which is a real feat considering he kept his voice unwavering throughout the performance.

Gabriel performed the concert in three stages. The first, he said, was to be as if they were rehearsing, and experimenting with new sounds. True to his word, the lights throughout the arena remained on, and he sat before the piano. A hush spread throughout the packed arena. Gabriel began to play, singing a beautiful little song, that is, as of now, still unfinished. As he finished, the crowd was getting excited for what he had in store for them. In this rehearsal stage, he (and of course the magnificent Tony Levin, Manu Katché, David Rhodes, David Sancious, Jennie Abrahamson, and Linnea Olsson) played “Come Talk To Me,” “Shock the Monkey,” and “Family Snapshot.” They were not played like the studio versions. Rather, he jazzed them up, making them into completely new acoustic versions of these songs.

Stage two was to be the second course, before the dessert, namely So in its entirety. At this point, the crowd was on its feet, so ready to sing our hearts out. Peter Gabriel performed powerful electronic versions of several of Gabriel’s classic songs, starting with “Digging in the Dirt,” “Secret World,” and “The Family and the Fishing Net,” and finishing with “No Self Control,” “Solsbury Hill,” and “Washing of the Water.” At this point, the concert became a show, with spectacular lights moving about the stage like great living creatures, amazing cinematography displayed on massive screens spaced throughout the arena, and Gabriel and the band executing some synchronized dance moves. For “Solsbury Hill,” Gabriel began skipping about the stage, involving the audience in his obvious joy, and eventually leading the rest of the band around the stage in a happy, skipping procession. The second stage concluded with an extremely powerful and beautiful rendition of “Washing of the Water,” one that literally brought tears to my eyes.

And for stage three, Peter softly announced that dessert had finally arrived. A thrum of anticipation swept throughout the crowd as we waited, breathless, for him to begin. Everything began to glow red, marking the beginning of the opening track from So, “Red Rain.” For “Sledgehammer,” the audience leapt to its feet once again, singing uproariously. At the conclusion, Abrahamson joined Gabriel in the forefront as they began to sing “Don’t Give Up.” The crowd grew silent, everyone holding their breath in anticipation. The haunting lyrics resonated throughout the Bowl, sounding inspirational at the same time.

Next thing I knew, I was hearing “That Voice Again.” The people all around me became friends, comrades, and we all sang in unison, remembering the first time we heard that voice. Then we watched Peter sink to his knees, slowly falling backwards until he lay flat on his back, staring up into the lights. The first notes of “Mercy Street” rose up from the stage, evoking images of water, rowing a boat, and family. I looked over at my father, tears welling up in his eyes as he sang along to the lyrics, “…in your daddy’s arms…” His obvious joy at all the memories the song brought back made me so thankful to Peter Gabriel for giving such a gift. Truly, only Peter could sing an entire song lying on the ground and make it a work of pure art. From there, the tone changed dramatically as he transitioned into the satirical “Big Time.” The audience laughed and sang, chanting the last 17 ‘big’s enthusiastically. Then came the dark “We Do What We’re Told,” referring to the Milgrim 37 social experiment. The lights turned red, and Peter sang with such regret and anger as to invoke the same feelings in us. He transitioned into the strange and whimsical “This Is The Picture (Excellent Birds),” and finally to the iconic “In Your Eyes.”

Before he began, however, a surprise was waiting in the wings. A man, dressed in black, wearing a baseball cap, ran out onto the stage and handed Peter a large bulky object. Peter announced gleefully, “Mr. John Cusack!” whereupon the man gave a bow and the crowd erupted in tumultuous cheering as Peter raised the boombox above his head, grinning wildly at the reaction. After the song concluded, the members left the stage one by one. We all kept cheering, eager for the encore. It came, as promised, beginning with “The Tower That Ate People.” And, for the final song, Peter sang his eulogy to Steven Biko (credit christopher). As each band member left the stage, we sat, enraptured, chanting the last echoes of that haunting song as Manu Katché kept the beat going. We left in a daze, without that feeling of bereavement we’re usually left with after an amazing concert. It was the perfect ending to a perfect night.

There’s nothing better than going to see your favorite artist in concert. It might be better even than listening to their studio versions with your vFree, which is saying something!

Here’s John Cusack handing Peter Gabriel the boombox:

And here’s a look at some of Peter’s elaborate costumes from his Genesis days:

Finally, here he is in one of his complex creations—a human hamster ball:

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Summer 2012 Concerts To See

It’s summer! And there’s nothing better than enjoying a concert on a warm summer night. Artists and bands from all different genres are touring this summer. Some of them include reunion tours, orchestral performances, and promotion tours for new albums. But whatever the occasion, they’re sure to be great.

Starting July 21, Journey will be touring North America. Beginning in San Bernadino, CA, the tour ends on Decmber 14 in Honolulu, HI. In 2007, Journey acquired a new singer, Arnel Pineda, who fits very well with the other band members and sounds very similar to Steve Perry, Journey’s original singer.

Starting June 30, Eagles began touring North America. It began in Naperville, IL, and it will end on November 17 in Las Vegas, NV. On October 30, 2007, Eagles released Long Road Out of Eden, their first studio album since 1979. The tour ended in 2009, but they are currently touring along the Pacific coast.

Beginning on July 10 in Rama, ON, Yes began touring North America. The classic rock band will finish the tour on October 21 in Mexico City, MX. This year, Yes acquired a new singer—Jon Davison, lead singer of Glass Hammer.

Peter Gabriel’s Back to Front tour begins September 16 in Quebec City, QC, and ends on October 9 in Santa Barbara, CA. Gabriel’s Back to Front tour is in commemoration of the 25th anniversary of his popular album So. The tour will feature the entire So album and some of Gabriel’s biggest hits.

These are only a few of the concerts that are taking place this summer and fall, and there are many more besides these. Go see a concert this summer!

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Peter Gabriel’s Back to Front: So Live Tour

Beginning in September, world-renowned musician Peter Gabriel will be touring North America for the 25th anniversary of his groundbreaking, iconic album So. Called the Back to Front Tour, Gabriel will begin in Canada, continue on to the East Coast, then the West Coast. Some tour dates are as follows:

2 October HP Pavilion, San Jose, CA

5 October Planet Hollywood Showroom, Las Vegas, NV

6 October Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, CA

9 October Santa Barbara Bowl, Santa Barbara, CA

Gabriel will be performing the album So in its entirety, along with some of his biggest hits. The tour will feature Gabriel with many of the band members he toured with 25 years ago during So‘s debut tour.

The album begins with “Red Rain.” He wrote the song after having a recurring dream in which he swam in a blood-red sea. The lyrics portray a sense of vulnerability, especially the words, “I come to you, defences down, with the trust of a child.” Peter Gabriel links the songs of the album together with the wandering stranger Mozo, who he conceived originally as the concept for a movie.

His most popular single, “Sledgehammer,” appears as the second song of the album, famously using the shakuhachi. It hit number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart on 26 July 1986 and number four in the UK singles chart. The music video for “Sledgehammer” holds the record of nine MTV Awards at the 1987 MTV Video Music Awards. As of 2011, “Sledgehammer” is the most played music video in the history of MTV.

Tracks 3-9 are as follows: “Don’t Give Up” (feat. Kate Bush), “That Voice Again,” “In Your Eyes,” “Mercy Street,” “Big Time,” “We Do What We’re Told (Milgram’s 37),” and “This Is the Picture (Excellent Birds).”

Released in 1986, So charted at number 1 in the UK album chart, and number 2 on the Billboard 200 in the US. It is certified triple platinum in the UK and 5x Platinum in the US, and it is ranked at #14 on Rolling Stone magazine’s list of “Top 100 Albums of the Eighties.” So is also included in 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die.

Peter Gabriel’s Back to Front: So Live Tour is a must-see. As it is the 25th anniversary of So, it may be the last time he plays the album in its entirety. If you are a Peter Gabriel fan, you can’t miss it!

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