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Shampoo or MP3 Player?


It’s hard to tell that this nondescript bottle of shampoo is actually a cleverly disguised MP3 player. If you didn’t already know that it was an MP3 player, then you probably wouldn’t suspect anything.

It’s called the iMusic Shower Gel MP3 Player. Because it’s water resistant, music lovers and those who sing in the shower will love the iMusic Shower Gel MP3 Player. You can download your favorite music, and sing along while taking a shower or bath. It has a convenient hole at the top for shower hooks so that it is readily accessible throughout your shower. Even when you have soap all over your face, it’s always within arm’s reach.

The iMusic Shower Gel MP3 Player has touch sensitive controls for volume and track selection on its face that allows for ease of use. It comes in two colors—white or green. This cunningly disguised MP3 Player uses a standard SD Card and is powered by AAA batteries.

Now on to the review. The iMusic Shower Gel MP3 Player has received generally positive reviews, but nearly every single one points out a major flaw. It lacks the ability to remember where it left off, so every time you take a shower, it starts over at the beginning. In addition, it lacks a shuffle feature, so the only way to move on to new songs is to skip ahead to where you left off. When it’s turned on again, it’ll be back where it started.

Though a major flaw, it is not a fatal flaw. The device has acceptable sound, and really, you’d only be using it for 5-20 minutes a day. I know that listening to “It’s a Beautiful Day” first thing in the morning, every morning, wouldn’t be a terrible way to start off the day. And to be sure, you’d hear me singing along to it. Maybe we need to start working on waterproof headphones!

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