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What Is Music? Exploring Two Sides.


For as long as I have been listening to music, I had always thought that it had a dedication to the listener…that it was an entity created purely for their entertainment. For those of us who only listen to music and don’t have the special talent to create or play it, music is an accessory…a mood. We treat each song as if it is an emotional accessory. When we talk about a song, how often do we really talk about its rhythm, what key it’s in or the meter? We spend much more time talking about how they make us feel or how our lives parallel with the lyrics that are in a song.

Even instrumental songs or compositions that don’t have words seem to always revolve around the way they make us feel and why we want to listen…what occasion we find ourselves in when we listen to them. We don’t listen to music so that we can solve or put together the equation that made it.

Until I actually entered into a music class this semester, I don’t think I had ever bothered to look at music from the composer or performers perspective. It made me think about the musicians and bands that Velodyne has had the exciting opportunity to work with. As music fans and junkies, we do have a few things in common with these talented people…we love to listen to our music with awesome Velodyne headphones. However, we are very different in the way that we perceive and experience music.

I had never realized that music is truly an equation; it combines mathematical elements (which are far beyond my skill set) and also the emotional constructs that will later become the highlight for listeners. The score to all music is deeply complex in its own way. Music needs transitions and the musicians/composers have to know what will sound good together. Their genius formulas that take such tedious effort can so easily become another soundtrack to our life. Have you ever just stopped to think about that? It’s amazing that one song can take on such different forms depending upon which role you play…How do you see music?


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Nokia Design Contest Winners’ Designs Actually Produced

In 2008, a contest was set before artists and designers. The challenge was to design headphones based on a song title. The contest, entitled the Nokia Music Almighty Headset Competition, has spurred the creation of numerous unique headphones.

A particularly inspired design came from Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” The headphones, called “The Graveyard Shift,” features zombies, tombstones, werewolves, and other aspects of horror. The adornments flow together seamlessly, creating a very natural and aesthetic feel to the headphones.

Another memorable design is that of G Smith, inspired by Daft Punk’s “Robot Rock.” The sleek silver headphones are a work of art, transforming the wearer into a being reminiscent of a robot.

Another exceptional design comes from R. Kelly’s song “I Believe I Can Fly.” Designed by Rodshakur, the “I’m Flying” headset design evokes images of angels, of the snow-white wings of a dove, or perhaps of the Greek god Hermes. They flash electric blue sparingly along the inside, and golden pipes and trumpets adorn the earpieces. This headset is truly a heavenly creation.

Another two designs were produced, bringing the total number of winners to five. Maria Lecanda created the “Free Willy” headset, inspired by Michael Jackson’s “Will You Be There.”

Rufige Kru’s “Dark Metal” inspired the final headset. It is called the “CF Flex” headset, created by Mr. G.

Over 8000 designs were submitted over a three-month period. The amount of creativity and ingenuity these entrants have shown is inspiring. Only one headset for each winning design was produced, to be displayed by Nokia, and then to be given to the designer. But numerous people have expressed interest in these headsets, albeit displayed as works of art rather than used for listening. It makes you wonder if there will be more to come for these unique designs.

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