Management Systems

Subwoofer Management Systems

When Velodyne created the world-famous Digital DriveTM subwoofers, we created room management software that raised subwoofer room equalization capabilities to a new and still-unmatched level.  Desiring to share this enhanced setup capability, separate subwoofer management systems were created that allow the user to be able to own and wield that power with any subwoofer they own, regardless of brand.

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  1. MIC-5 Microphone Averaging System MIC-5 Subwoofer Management System

    MIC-5 Microphone Averaging System

    5 Microphone Kit and Junction Box for SMS-1, EQ-Max, Optimum, SC-600/1250 amps, IA-400D amp, DEQ-R, DS and DD+ Series. This item has been discontinued

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