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  1. freaking BOSS...killer bass! get a pairrr!

    By Evelyn May 02, 2012

    Dang, these headphone are what's up! Totally changes the way you listen to music, you get so lost in it! The bass is killer, especially for Dubstep! Crazy awesome stuff right here. The overall sound it produces is just on point! You can totally tell the difference! Once I got my hands on a pair of these, I can never stop listening to music, even the really old boring songs I have doesn't sound that way anymore with these babies! Plus they have class, when you put them on, it feels like you're wearing diamonds =D So stoked, everything about this is amazing from the looks, quality,features and sound! Good job Velodyne! woot! and thank youuuuuu!!

  2. Great Headphones

    By Elle April 27, 2012

    These are fantastic- I love having the extra bass on me with my morning job, thanks Velodyne!

  3. What I've Been Searching For...

    By Rob D. April 26, 2012

    I've long been searching for an inexpensive pair of earphones with deep bass and Velodyne was a name I've seen quite often when I browsed the internet for audiophile bass speakers. I was quite surprised when I saw that Velodyne created a pair of headphones when I visited an electronics store recently. So, I went online, researched the product, and then ran and picked up a pair to test out. This set of headphones is the perfect pair for putting a little oomph when you listen to music and watch movies on a portable device. Action Movies are a blast to watch now! The bass in not overpowering, it's tight, detailed, and there's no distortion. It outmatches other similar priced and more expensive headphones. It's a great product and I hope Velodyne has success in the headphone market and continues creating headphones in the future.

  4. Nice product

    By Obake March 22, 2012

    Just unboxed these...they came free with my subwoofer, all I can say is WOW! I like these little earphones. They are very comfortable and the volume/play control is an amazing feature but the most dynamic thing is the sound. THE SOUND is amazing, mids and highs are fairly bright (you have to turn it up a bit) but the bass is just solid. I put them through the paces with Peter Hurford's performance of Mendelssohn's Organ Sonata #6 in D, went on to Seal's Fly Like an Eagle and then punched it up with Stevie Wonders A Life 2 Live. Finally I went to my true love Drum & Bass and the hair stood up on the back of my neck when I started slamming tunes off the new Brookes Brothers album and then some Netsky. These earphones are really nice :)

  5. Top Quality

    By Ronmo March 05, 2012

    As an Engineer I can tell you that these ear buds are excellent...They sound as good as my Koss ESP-950 electrostats but without the bulk of a large headphone and electronics. Top quality without spending lots of money and in a tiny beautiful bargain package! Highly Recommended!

  6. Fantastic!!!!!

    By Rick February 22, 2012

    I took a chance and without known anything about Velodyne I bought the V-Pulse earphones. Having tried many of the "famous" earphones on the market searching for the Holy Grail of earphones I found the ultimate answer in high quality fantastic sounding earphones that would have paid three times the price for these earphones. If you are serious about your listening pleasure "please" try these and sit back and let audio ecstasy take you to places you have never been. More importantly places where you never thought you could go.

  7. Amazing

    By Jeff February 21, 2012

    The vPulse in-ear headphones are, in a word, awesome. I'm hearing things I've never heard before in songs. The great thing is that it's in all ranges, not just the low end.

    I heartily recommend the vPulse in-ear headphones to anyone who wants a great sound with a microphone at a great price.

  8. Finally, the sound I've been craving!

    By Shawn February 17, 2012

    I have been searching for and craving earphones with real bass. Not that boomy, muddy stuff, but real bass that's tight, accurate, defined and *audible*. This is accomplished without making the overall sound seem dull or too bright. It's JUST right. My ears melt when I use them. After having two Velodyne subwoofers over the years and experienced the company's excellent customer service I figured these were well worth a try.

    The ribbon cabling is a nice touch and, so far, seems to be preventing tangles. The build-quality seems okay. I haven't looked at the box to see where they were made but my bets are on China. This is mostly due to the fitment and finishing of the plastic parts.

    The inclusion of two complete sets of various sized pliable ear pieces seems generous to me. I noticed that the website doesn't make it clear that the blue headphones come with two sets, but they do. One set in black and another in a white-ish grey. Once you find the size that fits your ears you'll be able to hear the bass. There's also a lapel clip included with the firm storage case.

    On an unusual note: The packaging is a bit excessive. It's well thought-out for a nice presentation but it's pretty wasteful.

    Thank you to Velodyne for designing the best earphones I've heard for many, many years. (And the best I've ever owned.) Also, thank you for the free UPS Ground shipping to Alaska. I received them in four days. It's great to not get ripped off on shipping for once!

  9. Not just for deep bass...

    By Phil January 27, 2012

    I bought these based mostly on an Internet review I read that said these have "million dollar bass". I read some other Internet opinions that said the other frequencies were not up to the bass quality. As a bass player and hi-fi audio fan for over 30 years I had to find out for myself. I am very critical and not easily impressed, but the vPulse sounds great! I immediately ran my test gauntlet of Mobile Fidelity Natalie Merchant and Carpenters, Renee Olstead, Ray Obeido, and my frequency generator. These earbuds do get LOW but the overall quality is as good as my $550 headphones. No harsh treble or thin midrange here. I'm extremely pleased to say the least!!

  10. Expect Nothing Less Then Perfection

    By Hugo January 13, 2012

    I just got these in the other day and I have to say these are just outstanding. The clarity of the sound and bass is far More supirior then most earbuds I have used in the past. The tangle resistant cable is another great feature to these already amazing earbuds. If that wasnt enough these also come with an assortment of ear bud gels to fit your needs. Another great product from a great company

  11. Great sound but...

    By Shook January 04, 2012

    The vPulse sound great. But the controls and mic do not work with any of the android phones I tried it on.

  12. Love these headphones!

    By Steve December 13, 2011

    The flatwire is excellent and does not tangle like other earbuds. There are lots of different ends for the earbuds and combined with the angled design these are the most comfortable I have ever owned. The mic and music controls make these really versatile and I use them with my phone when I'm driving and as noise isolation when I’m working.

Items 41 to 52 of 52 total

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