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  1. Best Bass Ever!!!!!!

    By Mark February 23, 2015

    I love to listen to music especially with bass in them. So you can pretty much call me a bass head. When these earbuds, I was blown of how much bass it produced! Who knew that these small earbuds can deliver that much bass! I love it! I definitely recommend this to a friend

  2. Great In-Ear Headphones

    By Arkadiusz December 13, 2014

    why? Because they fit in ear seamlessly.
    Currently in use with an iPhone 5.
    Sound is really good, and bass is nice and friendly.

  3. Pretty good

    By Reekumon December 04, 2014

    I bought these earbuds a few months ago and I was very satisfied. The earbuds give out a great sound and are very comfortable. Although pretty good, I found a few flaws. The bass impact from the earbuds could hardly be felt and they earbuds only lasted me a couple months (about 4) before they started to not give out proper sounds. I would always need to keep the wires at an angle to hear it correctly which was very stressful. Overall, the vpulse are very good earbuds, but I just wish that they fix the wire problem.

  4. Worth the money

    By Logeshan December 01, 2014

    I find these earphones great especially the bass which is clear. Recommended for those who are looking for an upgrade without spending too much.

  5. Perfect fit for me

    By Todd October 24, 2014

    I've gone through many, MANY different styles and brands of high-quality buds and these so far are the best sounding buds that actually fit into my ear canals comfortably AND stay put (I use the smallest tips). They sound great, clear, and have excellent build quality. I have already recommended these to my friends.

  6. Get more than what you pay for!

    By Fazi September 09, 2014

    Don't go for the big brands like Bose and Beats when you can get ones that are even better for a great price. The bass is so rich while the sound quality remains wonderful even at higher volumes. I bought these for my teenage daughter as well, and she carries it with her everywhere now!

  7. A++

    By Alexander August 15, 2014

    Great quality. would recommend.

  8. Better than Beats

    By Mohan June 02, 2014

    Listened to this headphone my friend had. It is better than my beats. I would be buying one soon.

  9. Amazing Quality

    By srm111980 January 29, 2014

    I got my vpulse ear buds today 1/29/2014 & I LOVE them so much , the sound quality is the best I have ever heard out of a set of ear buds. I have already told everyone I know just after getting them today , I am now a customer for life when it comes to getting the best quality of headset, I will only shop Velodyne!

  10. Excellent Pair of Earbuds (for Stationary Users)

    By Lenox January 09, 2014

    Having personally gone through many sets of earbuds, you cannot go wrong with purchasing these. I've had these earbuds for nearly 8 months now and love them. I'll start with the good things about these earbuds.

    Good Things

    For a set of earbuds, the sound quality is excellent and has deep bass compared to other earbuds. The flat cable is also works great to avoid tangling. The build quality, while not the best, is solid. The included case and small accessories are also a nice addition. However, there are a few issues that you should be aware of.

    Bad Things

    The biggest con about these earbuds would probably have to be the cable noise. Having the cable hit anything while you are listening with them is kind of loud and takes away from your listening. They are also quite big and heavy compared to other sets of earbuds, which means that they fall out quite easily and need to be readjusted every now and then, but this is only a minor annoyance.


    All in all, because of the two cons above, I would not recommend these earbuds for people intending to use them when walking and moving around. On the other hand, this is an excellent set for those people who intend to use them while sitting down at a computer or other inactive activity (such as myself).

  11. Best Dynamic sound and noise cancelling

    By Al Hmn November 15, 2013

    Velodyne has the highest quality subwofers and headphones all around the world that has incredible clean and powerfull sound without any noise..

  12. Excelentess

    By Este loco September 05, 2013

    Los utilizo todos los días para ir al trabajo y después en las noches en medio del transporte para el gim , lo mejor es que no se enredan tanto por su cable plano

  13. excellent product

    By joey kangaroo July 01, 2013

    Great woofer sound, no distortion outside. Love the precise sound!! There are sound effects too with some music. No regrets!!

  14. nothing else stands up to them!

    By jvelekei May 17, 2013

    I had started my search for new headphones over a year ago. I have tryed many, many different brands. Bose, sennheiser, monster(ncredible, and beats), and koss. I can honestly say the only thing better about the mentioned is the packaging. As far as sound, quality, nothing compares. Kudos to you velodyne. I won't buy anything but your brand any longer!

  15. Excellent Sound Quality

    By Earbud Hound April 02, 2013

    I have tried many in ear buds and these are by far the best! The reproduction of sound is impressive and there are notes and frequencies that you simply do not acheive in other products. The bass is full, deep and appropriate while the mids and highs remain clear and strong. From heavy metal relentless double kick drum runs to reggae to funk, hip hop, pop, rock, blues etc. nothing else sounds like this across all genres. I have heard many bass notes in some of my 80's rock cuts that I never heard before or knew existed. I have an iPhone5 and the controls are very functional and convenient - the two work seemlessly together. But the most important and amazing aspect of these is the sound. Just awesome!

  16. Awesome sound, average build quality, TERRIBLE microphonics

    By Jani March 02, 2013

    Sound: 5 / 5.
    The bass is clear, dynamic, deep, loud and immense, without being overwhelming and tiring. Most headphones with lots of bass have a terrible loudness effect in their sound making them very exhausting to listen to for more than couple of minutes - not these. I can listen to these for the whole day and my ears are not the least bit tired.
    Compared to the bass, mids and highs are somewhat quiet and high end rolls off quite early, but sound is very clear and pleasant, with very little to no distortion. Very easy earphones to listen to. For the sound signature, I would call them "musical". They work great with any type of music, but e.g. electronic music really benefits from the great bass response.
    Even though the sound is already quite satisfying on low volumes, the louder you go the more these bad boys wake up.
    My other favourite earphones around the same price range are Hippo VBs, and in my opinion vPulses wipe the floor with Hippos in every aspect. Especially considering the price, these sound amazing!

    Build quality: 3 / 5.
    Right earpiece was missing the aluminium logo plate from factory. Like some other buyers, I live in Europe and wanted these desperately enough to order them from an unauthorised seller on eBay US. Alas, no warranty.
    I contacted Velodyne as I was willing to purchase the logo as a spare part but unfortunately they are not available.
    The paint has already chipped off a bit from edges of left earpiece. I reckon this is because the edge rims seem to be painted instead of anodized.
    The gold plating on the plug is so thin that it has already worn off after just less than three months of occassional use.
    The clip provided with the headphones is totally useless. Too small, bad shape, slippery plastic, and hardly any spring force.
    The iDevice remote buttons are plasticky and flimsy, and almost seem like an afterthought compared to the nice aluminium earpieces, but have kept working so far.
    The tangle-free flat cable is great. It gets a bit stiff around freezing temperatures, but is still soft enough not to crack. And the best thing, it really does not tangle! Hardly any memory effect either.
    A big plus from providing four sizes of earbuds, two pairs each size. It was easy to find a pair that fits my ears, and I still have a spare pair!

    Sound isolation: 4 / 5.
    For passive headphones, vPulses isolate external sounds very well, which when combined with the great sound would make them the perfect pair for commuting, if it wouldn't be for…

    Microphonics: 1 / 5.
    Now this is the only reason why I'm still looking for the perfect headphones for commuting. Microphonics are the WORST I've ever heard on any headphones. The tangle-free cable seems to catch even the slightest rubbing, tapping or movement, which you will hear as a very loud, bassy noises through the earpieces. This makes them almost useless while on the move. You can compensate this by increasing the volume a fair bit, but it will still annoy the hell out of you. This is a real shame, as if it wouldn't be for the microphonics, these headphones would be great for commuting. Now I'm only really happy with them while at home or in the office, sitting still, which kind of defeats the point of having small, portable, great sounding earphones.

    Overall: 3 / 5.
    If it wouldn't be for the terrible microphonics and average build quality, these earphones would be a killer in every aspect in their price range. A very nice first try from Velodyne though, and I have no doubt that the second generation in-ears from Velodyne will be something the competitors have to look out for.

  17. Nice sound, low comfort and quality

    By Rembrandt February 20, 2013

    I've ordered them in the U.S. and picked them up since I live in europe.

    The sound quality is very good, a lot of deep bass, although not as balanced as my previous Klipsch x10i's, and that's where I got spoiled with the wearing comfort aswell I guess. These things stay in your ears but need adjusting from time to time because they are big. Together with the beautiful cable the whole thing is too much weight for the little clip that comes with it.

    But I don't have to worry about that anymore since the remote broke down after a week's use and I don't have a warranty in Europe.

    Sorry Velodyne, little bit disappointed


    By Rthompson1024 February 18, 2013

    No, I'm not getting paid to say this. Velodyne has designed the best buds I have ever had / tried. I'm a designer so I listen to music all day long. I listen anything from Ry-Legit and Skrillex to Dave Brubeck, Chris Botti and Ray LaMontagne. I use iTunes and Spotify with BOOM and I can say the range of these little can buds are truly perfect in range, fit snug as a bug and are just well-crafted. I couldn't recommend them enough. V-True Studio Headphones are my next purchase.


    By Latham February 07, 2013

    I reviewed these headphones last year, November 2012. Then, I had only used the headphones for a couple days. My review then was misguided, at best.
    I am now posting an update review these headphones with several months of usage under my belt, and I am here to say, "GET A PAIR OF vPULSE EARBUDS!" Once I placed the "correct" size rubber ear tip on the buds, the bass was audible and these earbuds began to perform like no other product on the market. The design of the vPulse is clean, comfortable, functional. Form follows Function here! I wear these at work, All day, everyday and intend to continue doing so, for a long time. I'm looking forward to the next generation of the vPulse. WOW!

  20. Awesome!!!

    By Hector February 05, 2013

    Some of the best earphones I've had! I was looking for a pair of earphones that really last a while and these so far have done good. Great sound, with no complaint.

  21. Fit

    By skulldad January 30, 2013

    Will not stay firmly in ear...need to fix. The sound is great.

  22. Ear tip suggestion.

    By Wally January 23, 2013

    These are amazing earphones for sound quality in every aspect. I purchased 2 pair. The only exception I have is fit. I know that sounds a bit trivial but the buds work their way loose when walking or moving around which leads to significant sound loss. It would be nice to have one of the extra ear tips designed to fit more downward into the ear to eliminate constantly having to push ear buds in to obtain constant seal/ fit while in ear... I will be the first in line to purchase….suggestions?

  23. Best bang for the buck for bangin bass

    By bmacdizzle January 11, 2013

    I bought these based on all the reviews stating that these have amazing bass. And let me tell you that they were right. These things have a very punchy, detailed bottom end without distorting. I would recommend these to anyone with a taste for bass heavy tracks. Thank you velodyne for an AMAZING product!

  24. Excellent sound, Superb support

    By Victor December 21, 2012

    As most everyone else has written, the sound from these earbuds is outstanding, with an unreal bass reproduction from such a small driver. Like some others, I had an issue with one of the earbuds losing volume, but I sent it back to Velodyne and received a new pair very quickly, with constant updates from their support guys in California. This is how you do customer support. Thanks guys!

  25. Unbeatable sound quality, poor durability

    By Audiofreak December 16, 2012

    I love these earbuds to death and they are the best for their price range and even beat out the IEM's priced at 150-200$ but I only gave it 3 Stars because the durability of it is extremely poor. I have had many IEM's and I take really good care of all them, when my vPulses arn't in use I stash them carefully in the supplied pouch. However, after a month or two of using them the left and right ear buds went out within a few days of the other. This has happened twice and I am now on my third replacement. I cannot say for the current updated of the vPulse as I have the old versions but although their IS a one year warranty, I can't say that it's worth it since the current state of durabilty requires a replacement every 3-4 months. Hopefully the new version addressed these durability issues.

  26. Amaizing

    By Oscar V December 12, 2012

    It is my first review ever after 15 year been browsing at Internet, I know too late....

    But this product deserve my time and admiration, I am a music all time lover, great to have a impressive product from this audio experts company, congrats guys better impossible, forget others pseduo audiophiles devices, so guys please go for bose multi-mini speakers market you can easily beat them.

  27. 1 review for service - 4 stars for sound

    By Venkat November 30, 2012

    I received ear buds and the pin was bad. only one of the ear buds was working.
    12 Nov - Received ear buds.
    13 Nov - Contacted customer care. They wanted me to send a form filled up from their website. I sent to them. They gave me a RMA No.
    14 Nov - Requested to provide Return shipping label as it iis DEFECTIVE. They sent me the label.
    15 Nov - Shipped the package.
    01 Dec - I am without the ear buds and my replacement ear buds are not yet shipped out yet.
    The sound of the ear buds is good but do not buy from velodyne. Buy from amazon.com or other merchant where the rules are good. Amazon would ship the replacement ear buds and you can mail the defective ear buds one week after the replacement ear buds are received.

  28. Amazing earphones, for a great price

    By Doommidget November 14, 2012

    I'm English & I decided to import a pair of vPulse earphones from the US to Australia where I am currently travelling after reading a review indicating that sound quality is better than Beats, and that the bass is very good, but that there was not a distributor over here.

    All I have to say is that they are an absolutely fantastic set of earphones, and the bass is incredible, I can't recommend them enough! I will certainly sing their praises to anybody looking at buying a set of decent plugs! Should I ever require new earphones in future I would definitely buy again, even if it means importing =)

  29. Hmmmm, INTERESTING!!!!

    By Latham November 09, 2012

    OKAY, I am just receiving and trying out my 2nd pair of vPulse In-Ear Headphones. My 1st pair had to be returned for replacement, as the left ear bud stopped working after about a month, maybe 5 weeks. I am not really getting these reviews that state these in-ear headphones have incredible bass. My first pair, as does this 2nd pair, both have rather disappointing bass response. Perhaps, I am not placing the ear buds deep enough into my ear. But, I have got to say; I am rather disappointed with the sound quality of this product. I purchased it, based on the hype & reviews at cnet.com, amazon.com and here at velodyne.com. I had expected to be blown away, based on those reviews. Unfortunately, I am not! I have given 3 stars here, as I do believe the construction and styling of the vPulse is exceptional. Based on style alone, I would give them a 5 star rating. But, in my humble opinion, sound quality is seriously lacking, hence the 3 star rating.

  30. Can't listen to anything else.

    By Canuckguy September 30, 2012

    After much thought about the cost, I took the plunge and can't listen to anything else. The bass compliments the overall sound. It had been missing for a long time. Took awhile to find the right buds but other than that, no real negatives. They are worth the price.

  31. Cleanest sound ever

    By CULOS September 29, 2012

    As a user of VELODYNE subwoofers for over a decade in my home theater, I had to try the vPULSE. Outcome: Phenomenal Sound. As to the Quality and Durability, well after a sick listening session I forgot them in my Baggies pocket. " Yes" they went through the " WASH CYCLE" PLUS THE DRY CYCLE " !! AMAZING !! they still work. Every feature including the sound has not suffer one bit . I can literally say my vPULSE sound its cleaner.

  32. Cleanest sound ever

    By CULOS September 29, 2012

    As a user of VELODYNE subwoofers for over a decade in my home theater, I had to try the vPULSE. Outcome: Phenomenal Sound. As to the Quality and Durability, well after a sick listening session I forgot them in my Baggies pocket. " Yes" they went through the " WASH CYCLE" PLUS THE DRY CYCLE " !! AMAZING !! they still work. Every feature including the sound has not suffer one bit . I can literally say my vPULSE sound its cleaner.

  33. Good sound, bad durability

    By Ice September 27, 2012

    Let me start off with that if you give these earphones a less than 5* rating, it does not get posted among the reviews.

    The sound and bass are good, but one of my earpieces quit working after a month, so I cannot recommend these to anyone. No earphone of this level should quit working after a month, my cheaper ones are way more durable.

    Company Edit: We always want honest reviews and will post all reviews that are constructive and offer value to the user regardless of rating. If you wish not to post 5 stars, please email us at websupport@velodyne.com and let us know your suggested rating (as you have given it 5 stars above?). We apologize for the issues you had with the headphones. We want all customers to be satisfied with their purchases and if it is a malfunction with the earpiece then please contact customer support for an exchange.

  34. Good sound, but not that durable

    By Kerem September 27, 2012

    I wanted this earphones so bad I shipped them manually from the US to Europe, they aren't avaliable here. The sound is great, great bass if you can fit it in your ears well. However after a month, the left earpiecr stopped working. It's not like I've put the durability the test, I used them even with more care then with regular earphones. While the sound is great I'm quite disappointed in the durability of this otherwise great earphones.


  35. GOT BASS! Deal of the Century, they will blow your mind!

    By ThickShaddy August 26, 2012

    GOT BASS! Hellz yeah! Sound QUALITY is beyond exceptional. Thank you David Hall and Velodyne staff for such exceptional products, but this one is going to make you all rich! You would have to spend over $350 at least to get better sound.

  36. Almost too good to be true

    By Darryl August 20, 2012

    These ear buds live up to all the online hype, the sound is almost too perfect. Not interested in any other brands now, and I've had plenty to compare with.

  37. Amazing, best earphones I ever bought

    By Vexed July 21, 2012

    These earphones are pretty amazing, they put my beats earphones to shame... Brilliant deep bass, excellent sound quality overall, yet very comfy to use... Highly recommended...

  38. vPulse - my go to ...phones

    By Tim July 19, 2012

    I purchased 2 pair in February and have several pair of other brand in-ear headphones but the vPulse is my go to brand for a pleasurable listening experience. Each review you read is consistent of the vPulse In-Ear headphones. The barrel shape design is comfortable and easy to hold and seat in ear. I hope Velodyne continues this design! The built-in mic is very easy to use due to it's easy to grip control. I could wear these beauties all day long; that's how comfortable they are to wear. It's a very good deal at less than one hundred dollars.

  39. vPulse has Put my Beats on Hiatus indefinitely

    By Miss Merli July 03, 2012

    I am so in love with these headphones! Certainly as a devout cult beats user I was a little hesitant about trying these bad boys out but once I did I was unable to pick my beats back up. Here is why the bass on these headphones are unmatched listening to Beyonce 4 concert on these made me feel like I was right there in the house. The band was front and center. I didn't have to blast the music in order to hear all the vocals or the instruments. You've got a new fan in me.


    By Sarah June 29, 2012

    These are fantastic headphones. The buds don't fall out of my little ears like others in the past. Comfortable fit, they don't tangle and the controls are convenient. The sound is AMAZING! Highly recommend.

  41. freaking BOSS...killer bass! get a pairrr!

    By Evelyn May 02, 2012

    Dang, these headphone are what's up! Totally changes the way you listen to music, you get so lost in it! The bass is killer, especially for Dubstep! Crazy awesome stuff right here. The overall sound it produces is just on point! You can totally tell the difference! Once I got my hands on a pair of these, I can never stop listening to music, even the really old boring songs I have doesn't sound that way anymore with these babies! Plus they have class, when you put them on, it feels like you're wearing diamonds =D So stoked, everything about this is amazing from the looks, quality,features and sound! Good job Velodyne! woot! and thank youuuuuu!!

  42. Great Headphones

    By Elle April 27, 2012

    These are fantastic- I love having the extra bass on me with my morning job, thanks Velodyne!

  43. What I've Been Searching For...

    By Rob D. April 26, 2012

    I've long been searching for an inexpensive pair of earphones with deep bass and Velodyne was a name I've seen quite often when I browsed the internet for audiophile bass speakers. I was quite surprised when I saw that Velodyne created a pair of headphones when I visited an electronics store recently. So, I went online, researched the product, and then ran and picked up a pair to test out. This set of headphones is the perfect pair for putting a little oomph when you listen to music and watch movies on a portable device. Action Movies are a blast to watch now! The bass in not overpowering, it's tight, detailed, and there's no distortion. It outmatches other similar priced and more expensive headphones. It's a great product and I hope Velodyne has success in the headphone market and continues creating headphones in the future.

  44. Nice product

    By Obake March 22, 2012

    Just unboxed these...they came free with my subwoofer, all I can say is WOW! I like these little earphones. They are very comfortable and the volume/play control is an amazing feature but the most dynamic thing is the sound. THE SOUND is amazing, mids and highs are fairly bright (you have to turn it up a bit) but the bass is just solid. I put them through the paces with Peter Hurford's performance of Mendelssohn's Organ Sonata #6 in D, went on to Seal's Fly Like an Eagle and then punched it up with Stevie Wonders A Life 2 Live. Finally I went to my true love Drum & Bass and the hair stood up on the back of my neck when I started slamming tunes off the new Brookes Brothers album and then some Netsky. These earphones are really nice :)

  45. Top Quality

    By Ronmo March 05, 2012

    As an Engineer I can tell you that these ear buds are excellent...They sound as good as my Koss ESP-950 electrostats but without the bulk of a large headphone and electronics. Top quality without spending lots of money and in a tiny beautiful bargain package! Highly Recommended!

  46. Fantastic!!!!!

    By Rick February 22, 2012

    I took a chance and without known anything about Velodyne I bought the V-Pulse earphones. Having tried many of the "famous" earphones on the market searching for the Holy Grail of earphones I found the ultimate answer in high quality fantastic sounding earphones that would have paid three times the price for these earphones. If you are serious about your listening pleasure "please" try these and sit back and let audio ecstasy take you to places you have never been. More importantly places where you never thought you could go.

  47. Amazing

    By Jeff February 21, 2012

    The vPulse in-ear headphones are, in a word, awesome. I'm hearing things I've never heard before in songs. The great thing is that it's in all ranges, not just the low end.

    I heartily recommend the vPulse in-ear headphones to anyone who wants a great sound with a microphone at a great price.

  48. Finally, the sound I've been craving!

    By Shawn February 17, 2012

    I have been searching for and craving earphones with real bass. Not that boomy, muddy stuff, but real bass that's tight, accurate, defined and *audible*. This is accomplished without making the overall sound seem dull or too bright. It's JUST right. My ears melt when I use them. After having two Velodyne subwoofers over the years and experienced the company's excellent customer service I figured these were well worth a try.

    The ribbon cabling is a nice touch and, so far, seems to be preventing tangles. The build-quality seems okay. I haven't looked at the box to see where they were made but my bets are on China. This is mostly due to the fitment and finishing of the plastic parts.

    The inclusion of two complete sets of various sized pliable ear pieces seems generous to me. I noticed that the website doesn't make it clear that the blue headphones come with two sets, but they do. One set in black and another in a white-ish grey. Once you find the size that fits your ears you'll be able to hear the bass. There's also a lapel clip included with the firm storage case.

    On an unusual note: The packaging is a bit excessive. It's well thought-out for a nice presentation but it's pretty wasteful.

    Thank you to Velodyne for designing the best earphones I've heard for many, many years. (And the best I've ever owned.) Also, thank you for the free UPS Ground shipping to Alaska. I received them in four days. It's great to not get ripped off on shipping for once!

  49. Not just for deep bass...

    By Phil January 27, 2012

    I bought these based mostly on an Internet review I read that said these have "million dollar bass". I read some other Internet opinions that said the other frequencies were not up to the bass quality. As a bass player and hi-fi audio fan for over 30 years I had to find out for myself. I am very critical and not easily impressed, but the vPulse sounds great! I immediately ran my test gauntlet of Mobile Fidelity Natalie Merchant and Carpenters, Renee Olstead, Ray Obeido, and my frequency generator. These earbuds do get LOW but the overall quality is as good as my $550 headphones. No harsh treble or thin midrange here. I'm extremely pleased to say the least!!

  50. Expect Nothing Less Then Perfection

    By Hugo January 13, 2012

    I just got these in the other day and I have to say these are just outstanding. The clarity of the sound and bass is far More supirior then most earbuds I have used in the past. The tangle resistant cable is another great feature to these already amazing earbuds. If that wasnt enough these also come with an assortment of ear bud gels to fit your needs. Another great product from a great company

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