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  1. Fit

    By skulldad January 30, 2013

    Will not stay firmly in ear...need to fix. The sound is great.

  2. Ear tip suggestion.

    By Wally January 23, 2013

    These are amazing earphones for sound quality in every aspect. I purchased 2 pair. The only exception I have is fit. I know that sounds a bit trivial but the buds work their way loose when walking or moving around which leads to significant sound loss. It would be nice to have one of the extra ear tips designed to fit more downward into the ear to eliminate constantly having to push ear buds in to obtain constant seal/ fit while in ear... I will be the first in line to purchase….suggestions?

  3. Best bang for the buck for bangin bass

    By bmacdizzle January 11, 2013

    I bought these based on all the reviews stating that these have amazing bass. And let me tell you that they were right. These things have a very punchy, detailed bottom end without distorting. I would recommend these to anyone with a taste for bass heavy tracks. Thank you velodyne for an AMAZING product!

  4. Excellent sound, Superb support

    By Victor December 21, 2012

    As most everyone else has written, the sound from these earbuds is outstanding, with an unreal bass reproduction from such a small driver. Like some others, I had an issue with one of the earbuds losing volume, but I sent it back to Velodyne and received a new pair very quickly, with constant updates from their support guys in California. This is how you do customer support. Thanks guys!

  5. Unbeatable sound quality, poor durability

    By Audiofreak December 16, 2012

    I love these earbuds to death and they are the best for their price range and even beat out the IEM's priced at 150-200$ but I only gave it 3 Stars because the durability of it is extremely poor. I have had many IEM's and I take really good care of all them, when my vPulses arn't in use I stash them carefully in the supplied pouch. However, after a month or two of using them the left and right ear buds went out within a few days of the other. This has happened twice and I am now on my third replacement. I cannot say for the current updated of the vPulse as I have the old versions but although their IS a one year warranty, I can't say that it's worth it since the current state of durabilty requires a replacement every 3-4 months. Hopefully the new version addressed these durability issues.

  6. Amaizing

    By Oscar V December 12, 2012

    It is my first review ever after 15 year been browsing at Internet, I know too late....

    But this product deserve my time and admiration, I am a music all time lover, great to have a impressive product from this audio experts company, congrats guys better impossible, forget others pseduo audiophiles devices, so guys please go for bose multi-mini speakers market you can easily beat them.

  7. 1 review for service - 4 stars for sound

    By Venkat November 30, 2012

    I received ear buds and the pin was bad. only one of the ear buds was working.
    12 Nov - Received ear buds.
    13 Nov - Contacted customer care. They wanted me to send a form filled up from their website. I sent to them. They gave me a RMA No.
    14 Nov - Requested to provide Return shipping label as it iis DEFECTIVE. They sent me the label.
    15 Nov - Shipped the package.
    01 Dec - I am without the ear buds and my replacement ear buds are not yet shipped out yet.
    The sound of the ear buds is good but do not buy from velodyne. Buy from amazon.com or other merchant where the rules are good. Amazon would ship the replacement ear buds and you can mail the defective ear buds one week after the replacement ear buds are received.

  8. Amazing earphones, for a great price

    By Doommidget November 14, 2012

    I'm English & I decided to import a pair of vPulse earphones from the US to Australia where I am currently travelling after reading a review indicating that sound quality is better than Beats, and that the bass is very good, but that there was not a distributor over here.

    All I have to say is that they are an absolutely fantastic set of earphones, and the bass is incredible, I can't recommend them enough! I will certainly sing their praises to anybody looking at buying a set of decent plugs! Should I ever require new earphones in future I would definitely buy again, even if it means importing =)

  9. Hmmmm, INTERESTING!!!!

    By Latham November 09, 2012

    OKAY, I am just receiving and trying out my 2nd pair of vPulse In-Ear Headphones. My 1st pair had to be returned for replacement, as the left ear bud stopped working after about a month, maybe 5 weeks. I am not really getting these reviews that state these in-ear headphones have incredible bass. My first pair, as does this 2nd pair, both have rather disappointing bass response. Perhaps, I am not placing the ear buds deep enough into my ear. But, I have got to say; I am rather disappointed with the sound quality of this product. I purchased it, based on the hype & reviews at cnet.com, amazon.com and here at velodyne.com. I had expected to be blown away, based on those reviews. Unfortunately, I am not! I have given 3 stars here, as I do believe the construction and styling of the vPulse is exceptional. Based on style alone, I would give them a 5 star rating. But, in my humble opinion, sound quality is seriously lacking, hence the 3 star rating.

  10. Can't listen to anything else.

    By Canuckguy September 30, 2012

    After much thought about the cost, I took the plunge and can't listen to anything else. The bass compliments the overall sound. It had been missing for a long time. Took awhile to find the right buds but other than that, no real negatives. They are worth the price.

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