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  1. Cleanest sound ever

    By CULOS September 29, 2012

    As a user of VELODYNE subwoofers for over a decade in my home theater, I had to try the vPULSE. Outcome: Phenomenal Sound. As to the Quality and Durability, well after a sick listening session I forgot them in my Baggies pocket. " Yes" they went through the " WASH CYCLE" PLUS THE DRY CYCLE " !! AMAZING !! they still work. Every feature including the sound has not suffer one bit . I can literally say my vPULSE sound its cleaner.

  2. Good sound, bad durability

    By Ice September 27, 2012

    Let me start off with that if you give these earphones a less than 5* rating, it does not get posted among the reviews.

    The sound and bass are good, but one of my earpieces quit working after a month, so I cannot recommend these to anyone. No earphone of this level should quit working after a month, my cheaper ones are way more durable.

    Company Edit: We always want honest reviews and will post all reviews that are constructive and offer value to the user regardless of rating. If you wish not to post 5 stars, please email us at websupport@velodyne.com and let us know your suggested rating (as you have given it 5 stars above?). We apologize for the issues you had with the headphones. We want all customers to be satisfied with their purchases and if it is a malfunction with the earpiece then please contact customer support for an exchange.

  3. Good sound, but not that durable

    By Kerem September 27, 2012

    I wanted this earphones so bad I shipped them manually from the US to Europe, they aren't avaliable here. The sound is great, great bass if you can fit it in your ears well. However after a month, the left earpiecr stopped working. It's not like I've put the durability the test, I used them even with more care then with regular earphones. While the sound is great I'm quite disappointed in the durability of this otherwise great earphones.


  4. GOT BASS! Deal of the Century, they will blow your mind!

    By ThickShaddy August 26, 2012

    GOT BASS! Hellz yeah! Sound QUALITY is beyond exceptional. Thank you David Hall and Velodyne staff for such exceptional products, but this one is going to make you all rich! You would have to spend over $350 at least to get better sound.

  5. Almost too good to be true

    By Darryl August 20, 2012

    These ear buds live up to all the online hype, the sound is almost too perfect. Not interested in any other brands now, and I've had plenty to compare with.

  6. Amazing, best earphones I ever bought

    By Vexed July 21, 2012

    These earphones are pretty amazing, they put my beats earphones to shame... Brilliant deep bass, excellent sound quality overall, yet very comfy to use... Highly recommended...

  7. vPulse - my go to ...phones

    By Tim July 19, 2012

    I purchased 2 pair in February and have several pair of other brand in-ear headphones but the vPulse is my go to brand for a pleasurable listening experience. Each review you read is consistent of the vPulse In-Ear headphones. The barrel shape design is comfortable and easy to hold and seat in ear. I hope Velodyne continues this design! The built-in mic is very easy to use due to it's easy to grip control. I could wear these beauties all day long; that's how comfortable they are to wear. It's a very good deal at less than one hundred dollars.

  8. vPulse has Put my Beats on Hiatus indefinitely

    By Miss Merli July 03, 2012

    I am so in love with these headphones! Certainly as a devout cult beats user I was a little hesitant about trying these bad boys out but once I did I was unable to pick my beats back up. Here is why the bass on these headphones are unmatched listening to Beyonce 4 concert on these made me feel like I was right there in the house. The band was front and center. I didn't have to blast the music in order to hear all the vocals or the instruments. You've got a new fan in me.


    By Sarah June 29, 2012

    These are fantastic headphones. The buds don't fall out of my little ears like others in the past. Comfortable fit, they don't tangle and the controls are convenient. The sound is AMAZING! Highly recommend.

  10. freaking BOSS...killer bass! get a pairrr!

    By Evelyn May 02, 2012

    Dang, these headphone are what's up! Totally changes the way you listen to music, you get so lost in it! The bass is killer, especially for Dubstep! Crazy awesome stuff right here. The overall sound it produces is just on point! You can totally tell the difference! Once I got my hands on a pair of these, I can never stop listening to music, even the really old boring songs I have doesn't sound that way anymore with these babies! Plus they have class, when you put them on, it feels like you're wearing diamonds =D So stoked, everything about this is amazing from the looks, quality,features and sound! Good job Velodyne! woot! and thank youuuuuu!!

Items 31 to 40 of 51 total

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