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Tune Out. vQuiet®.
Velodyne’s vQuiet headphones practically remove all unwanted sound with a 90% reduction. This pure sound allows you to focus on nothing but the music you love.

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  1. Great headphones, except for one thing

    By Michael May 06, 2015

    I love these headphones.....but the inline volume control only work with iPhones, not Android phones (Velodyne support confirmed this to me. The "pause/play" button does work, but not volume). That was a disappointment, since I own an Android phone. Velodyne should list that in their specifications.

  2. awesome

    By michael April 07, 2015

    Swapped with a friend on a flight to compare to his Bose & hardly noticed any difference .
    Loved the design
    Case would be neat .
    just wish they weren't stolen last month , :(

  3. The best set of headphones I've ever owned!

    By AB December 10, 2014

    I've always found it "unjustifiable" to purchase a set of headphones that cost over $100.00...until I received the Velodyne vQuiet. Although I purchased them at a very discounted price, after listening to them through various equipment, (iDevices, Griffin Studio w/ music apps and instruments) I would purchase them again at retail price. They are that good.

    The sound quality is excellent, with near perfect highs and lows, and not an overpowering bass. They fit my needs exactly for what I do.

    As for the noise canceling, for the most part, it does the job. Being realistic, I know that they aren't going to kill every background sound, (baby crying/screaming, dogs barking, etc...) but for the "always on fan" in my room, wife talking ;), they allow me to play my instruments, and listen to music peacefully.

    The built in speaker works wonderful when using them for phone calls. A whole different world then the Apple ear buds, or my older Sony BT 22's. No one so far has been able to notice that I was using the vQuiets during a call.

    These headphones are quality built, nothing light and flimsy about them at all. They fit perfectly over my ears, and are so comfortable, I can wear them for hours...which I do.

    The only cons that I have with these headphones are, the audio cable is not long enough for my applications. Also, I have experienced some issues with the in-line volume controls not working properly at times. It may be a defect.

    Overall, even with the couple issues, I still rate them a 5 out of 5. If you are in the market for a great sounding, and quality built headphone at a very fair price, I would highly recommend them.

  4. One of the better builds

    By VK November 28, 2014

    The noise cancelling is a 4/5 but for the build quality and price these are great

  5. Very good VFM Headphones with ANC.

    By Ash November 27, 2014

    The velodyne Vquites are a pair of good quality ANC ( Active noise canceling) headphones. The One touch button to quickly put it on silent to listen to your environment is a good innovation that you don't see on most ANC headphones.

    The build quality & design looks very slick and you definitely will feel good wearing them around your head , bet it in a work setting or in a coffee shop on long flights.

  6. Highly recommend these Headphones

    By Dad of 4 Teens September 11, 2014

    Prior to buying these I had researched them and while one reviewer would have like to be able to turn the side pieces, I found no problem with fit. They do a great job of blocking out surrounding noise.....My teenage daughters! The sound is excellent. Lows are naturally great as Velodyne is known for this, but I also found the highs & midrange to be excellent as well. I tend to prefer the highs and midranges more than base, but over all range was superb to my daughters Beats headphones. Additionally, I love the hush button on the side mutes the noise so I don't have to stop the music or remove the headphones to talk to someone.
    Bottom line, I would highly recommend these to a friend and I already have!

  7. Great Noise-Cancellization

    By William November 25, 2013

    Quiet air travel for life

  8. its the dynamic range

    By Nesirsieh September 22, 2013

    I have quested and tested many headphones. the really accurate headphones are constrained with poor dynamic range. Others have brightness in some area of the spectrum. The vQuiet is relatively accurate, but the great surprise is the dynamic range and soundstage is wide open. Noise cancelling is good and comfort is great. Tried te vFree wired and this one is superior

  9. good

    By adam September 11, 2013

    gd product

  10. Best Noise Cancelling Headphones on the Marketing!

    By Colin Jackson September 09, 2013

    I purchased one these fancy headphones after seeing it at CES this year. This active noise cancelling headphones is awesome. It has an awesome design with fully adjustable headphones and a very soft padded ear cushion. I could wear these for hours and wouldn't feel any pain or discomfort. The vQuiet has an on/off active noise reduction switch that is super useful. I turn it on when I'm in the coffee shop where its super noisy and turn it off when I'm already home where it's quiet. The vQuiet uses is rechargeable so its more environmentally friendly as opposed to those AA or AAA batteries. I'm not sure if this feature only works on the vQuiet but the headphones still works without having the active noise reduction turned on so even if you're out of batteries you can still enjoy your music. The beats by dre my friend had required batteries and if it runs out, you pretty much have no headphones to listen to because it won't play anything.

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