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Digital Drive PLUS 15 Inch Servo Controlled Subwoofer

Digital Drive PLUS 15 Inch Servo Controlled Subwoofer

Product Review (submitted on July 10, 2012):
First, I would like to say I am a long time fan/customer of Velodyne. I owned the original ULD 15 series one until it died about a month ago. I was so sad...I just loved that sub. After a month of whining, I convinced the boss (wife), to let me purchase the DD 15+. I have owned it a little over a week and wanted to comment on just how grand this sub is.

Looks-Gorgeous cherry veneer. I think the black finish is more popular but, don't shy away from the cherry. It is a stunning finish integrating well with my other fine furniture.

Set-up- It took only a few minutes to hook up the mic and use the Auto-EQ. WARNING- Don't crank up your amp when playing the supplied EQ CD. The sub may shake the stucco loose from the outside of your house.

Sound- I am no expert by any means. I mainly listen to acoustic jazz, rythmic vocals, and some older oddities. I cannot compare this to other brands as once I found Velodyne, I never felt the need to look elsewhere. Oh yeah, the sound, well it blends so seemlessly with my B&W 805S speakers, it is just amazing. The bass is deep and tight as expected. What I didn't expect, this sub has punch. By that I mean, fast accurate bass response when called for usually an attribute found in smaller bass drivers. I played one of my favorite CDs for this purpose, Flim and the BB's Tricycle. The kick drum on this recording is outrageous. The DD-15+ sings this album as it should be heard with accuracy and impact. Listen to an upright bass recording with this unit. You will be amazed at the realism. Not that I have heard many other brands, but from what I have heard, nothing came close to matching the accuracy, depth and musicality of Velodyne. Compared to my ULD 15, this bass kicks it across the room. Its not cheap, but here, you definitely get what you pay for. Well worth the investment. I could gush on for days, but I'll stop now...and dust off the vinyl. I caught a keeper.