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Velodyne Acoustics

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Digital Drive PLUS 18 Inch Subwoofer

Digital Drive PLUS 18 Inch Subwoofer

Product Review (submitted on November 1, 2012):
This thing walked all over the B&W DB1 when demo'd side by side at the dealers demo room (both fully setup with their auto EQ systems). The Velo plays both louder and lower than the DB1.

In my house, it sounds insane (My room is 8x5x3.6 meters). Be warned, it will break your house if you are not careful with the volume control. It shifted an entire row of roof tiles in my theater room. Some of the plasterboard in the opposing wall have started to crack as well. Factory set volume level is 30, I have dropped it to 10 and it still breaks my house.

The DD18+ is huge. It makes my B&W 802Ds look like toys next to it. It's also very heavy. I'm a big boy but I needed help to move it around. Any one who has a strong house, the space and the $$ will not regret buying this beast :) 100% recommended. It puts a smile on my face and scares my son and wife every time it makes sound :D Magnificent beast!!