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vFree On-Ear Bluetooth Headphones (2012)

vFree On-Ear Bluetooth Headphones (2012)

Product Review (submitted on January 21, 2014):
The vFree Bluetooth headphones paired easily with my BlackBerry z10 phone. The sound quality is excellent with plenty of volume to spare. I am amazed at the range of connectivity these Bluetooth headphones have. I can set my phone down and walk around the house without any loss of sound.

The ear cushions and headband are nicely padded and comfortable even while wearing glasses. While the body of the headphones is plastic, the hinges and locking mechanism are made out of metal.

The built-in microphone is nice so you can answer calls or use it as a Bluetooth headset for BBM video or Skype calls.

Overall, very nicely made, excellent sound quality and good battery life.