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vPulse In-Ear Headphones

vPulse In-Ear Headphones

Product Review (submitted on February 17, 2012):
I have been searching for and craving earphones with real bass. Not that boomy, muddy stuff, but real bass that's tight, accurate, defined and *audible*. This is accomplished without making the overall sound seem dull or too bright. It's JUST right. My ears melt when I use them. After having two Velodyne subwoofers over the years and experienced the company's excellent customer service I figured these were well worth a try.

The ribbon cabling is a nice touch and, so far, seems to be preventing tangles. The build-quality seems okay. I haven't looked at the box to see where they were made but my bets are on China. This is mostly due to the fitment and finishing of the plastic parts.

The inclusion of two complete sets of various sized pliable ear pieces seems generous to me. I noticed that the website doesn't make it clear that the blue headphones come with two sets, but they do. One set in black and another in a white-ish grey. Once you find the size that fits your ears you'll be able to hear the bass. There's also a lapel clip included with the firm storage case.

On an unusual note: The packaging is a bit excessive. It's well thought-out for a nice presentation but it's pretty wasteful.

Thank you to Velodyne for designing the best earphones I've heard for many, many years. (And the best I've ever owned.) Also, thank you for the free UPS Ground shipping to Alaska. I received them in four days. It's great to not get ripped off on shipping for once!