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Velodyne Acoustics


In-Wall Subwoofers

The SC-600 IW and SC-IW subwoofers deliver deep bass with low distortion and install cleanly behind a flush grille into both new construction and retrofits within a standard 2x4 framed wall. They come in sealed cabinets, so you don’t need to use any other boxes in the installation. These subs with their unique designs vibrate walls 50% less than those of our competitors.

These subs are matched to amplifiers (purchased separately).The amplifiers come with a remote control with the one-button Auto-EQ room bass correction function.

For a limited time only, we also have our Chrysalis IA series of in-wall subwoofers and matching amplifiers, which are equivalent to the SC-600 series.

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SC IWBB In-wall Back Box for SC-IW Sub
SubContractor Series In-wall Back Box; Volume enclosure necessary for the SC-IW In-wall subwoofer. Learn More
SC IWDVR In-wall Subwoofer
*Requires SC-1250 Amp and SC-IWBB Back Box.
SubContractor Series In-wall Cabinet/Driver; Black Pica. Learn More
SC-600 IW In-wall Subwoofer
(Requires one SC-600, SC-600D or SC-602 Amplifier) In-wall Subwoofer. Learn More

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