Software Updates

Here at Velodyne, we are devoted to bringing you the latest technology for your Velodyne subwoofer and are constantly upgrading our software to provide the finest listening experience possible. Check this section occasionally to see if we've upgraded your Velodyne subwoofer.


Digital Drive

Version 2.2.2
Digital Drive Version 2.2.2 represents an upgrade to Velodyne's Digital Drive subwoofer series. All Digital Drive subwoofers will be able to take advantage of the new features in release 2.2.2, regardless of the current version they are running. Release 2.2.2 will be provided to DD owners free of charge. 

Notes: - Can also be used for the Digital Drive 1812 Signature Edition.
  - Version 2.2.2 should not be used with Digital Drive subwoofers that have a serial number starting with a 7. If you have a DD subwoofer with a serial number starting with a 7, please contact Velodyne customer service for your software update.
Warning: This update software IS NOT for use with the DD+ (DigitalDrive PLUS) Series or the SMS-1!