Finish Ticket

The Band


Brendan Hoye - Vocals, Keys
Alex DiDonato - Guitar, Vocals
Michael Hoye - Bass
Gabe Stein - Drums


Alameda, California

Velodyne Interviews Finish Ticket Following Sold Out Show

Velodyne spent some time with Gabe Stein, drummer of Finish Ticket after their sold-out performance sponsored by Velodyne, Inc. at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco on Friday night. The band powered out an energetic performance to 600 adoring fans, their biggest headlining show yet. But not without first announcing the winner of our band merch pack complete with a pair of black vFree headphones, autographed by the band....

Velodyne Acoustics Partners With Indie Band Sensation Finish Ticket in Promotion of Concert in San Francisco

...Recently increasing their sponsorships in music festivals and other local music events, Velodyne has taken an active initiative in promoting local talent. About the partnership, Marta Hall, President of Velodyne, enthusiastically advocates for the band. They are an incredibly talented group of young men, who are genuinely dedicated to their fans," says Hall. "We couldn't be happier to support them in this endeavor."

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