The Mowgli's

The Band


Dave Appelbaum - Keyboards, Vocals
Colin Louis Dieden - Vocals, Guitars, Percussion
Katie Jayne Earl - Vocals, Percussion
Josh Hogan - Guitar, Vocals
Matthew Di Panni - Bass Guitar, Vocals
Spencer Trent - Percussion, Guitar, Melodica, Vocals
Andy Warren - Drums, Percussion, Vocals


Southern California

Meet The Mowgli's

Velodyne has recently partnered with The Mowgli’s, an 8-piece alternative rock band with a feel-good message of joy and love. They are best known for their song, “San Francisco”, which reached the 11th spot on on Billboard’s alternative chart this year. Contrary to popular belief, most of the band hails not from San Francisco but from southern California. Velodyne was initially drawn to this band for their folk,indie-rock sound, rooted in collaboration with their large group of artists, musicians and friends. We saw an alignment to our company values in their support for charities such as, and and their desire to change the world by performing random acts of kindness and being great human beings. Notably, when a recent Austin City Limits performance was cancelled due to rain, the band held an impromptu concert at a homeless shelter, encouraging attendees to bring canned goods. The Mowgli’s…such good souls! This year’s tour is aptly named, “Random Acts of Kindness” and we at Velodyne could not be more thrilled to nurture the band on their trek across the U.S., leaving smiles and happiness in their wake.

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